Looking for Yourself?

Well folks, the filming continues APACE and we’ve now interviewed over 60 people for the film. We’ve had a wonderful chance to meet some really great people, from Romanians to visitors and residents from Hungary, Poland, Italy, France, Germany, Slovakia, England, New Zealand and many other countries.

You’ll have to wait for the finished product to see all of the footage but if you’re curious to see images of the people we’ve talked to, be sure to head on over to this website’s Facebook page (and give it a “like”!) for some pictures of all of the amazing people we’ve met.

Not a Facebook person? I’ve also added the photos to my Google Plus account as well.

If you are one of the people we’ve interviewed, welcome to my blog! Have a look around and click on the purple die (dice) in the right-hand sidebar for one of the hundreds of articles I’ve written about Romania. Thanks for visiting my adopted country and glad you’re all having such a wonderful time here.

Again, thanks to the incomparable Oana Termure for all of her help and brilliant assistance with the filming in Cluj, and Kiki Corui for her help with the filming in Baia Mare!