What You Can Do When You’ve Overstayed Your Visa in Romania

As you know, I’ve been answering a lot of general interest questions on Quora lately, but I also get some questions that simply can’t be answered in that forum. If you’ve come to Romania and overstayed your visa, I’m going to tell you everything I know, but you must understand two very important things. One, I am not a lawyer. Two, none of what I … Continue reading What You Can Do When You’ve Overstayed Your Visa in Romania

No Education Necessary

I had to laugh when the Unsleeping Eye brought me this little ad from a country 10,000 kilometers away from Moldova: But the more I looked at it, the sadder I got, especially when reading “peaceful environment.” There are a lot of really terrible places to live in this world, and that includes the bigger cities in Pakistan like Lahore: In case you’re reading this … Continue reading No Education Necessary

You (Don’t) Get What You’re Paying For

When it comes to being an American ally, you never get rewarded for doing the right thing. After compiling a lengthy list of what Romania has done to try and get on America’s Visa Waiver Program, I realized that I needed to produce something a bit more visual. Therefore, here’s a graphic that anyone can understand: Romania Hungary Poland Joined “Coalition of the Willing” to … Continue reading You (Don’t) Get What You’re Paying For

Sucker Bet

One thing I’ve never understood is Romania’s irrational fear and hatred of Russia. Literally anything that Russia does is always met with suspicion while conversely anything that the United States does is always excused and forgiven. Romania had a brief dispute with the United States when NATO illegally began bombing the shit out of Yugoslavia in 1999 and Romania refused to let American weapons transit … Continue reading Sucker Bet