You (Don’t) Get What You’re Paying For

When it comes to being an American ally, you never get rewarded for doing the right thing. After compiling a lengthy list of what Romania has done to try and get on America’s Visa Waiver Program, I realized that I needed to produce something a bit more visual.

Therefore, here’s a graphic that anyone can understand:

Romania Hungary Poland
Joined “Coalition of the Willing” to attack Iraq in 2003
Year withdrew troops from Iraq 2009 2005 2008
Allowed CIA torture centers on its soil
Supports 2% of GDP for NATO
Soldiers in Afghanistan in 2017
Has American missile base on its soil
Regularly praised by American government officials
Russian taught in public schools
Opposes sanctions against Russia
Received Putin on state visit post-Crimea
Member of Visa Waiver Program

You do the math, folks!

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