New Ambassador, Same Old Imperialism

In December 2019, the United States sent a new ambassador to Romania, Adrian Zuckerman.

Zuckerman was born in Romania but emigrated to the U.S. when he was a young child. He claims to speak “fluent” Romanian but couldn’t pronounce Romanian place names like Constanta and Deveselu during his Senate confirmation hearing.

Zuckerman is from an extremely wealthy family and attended expensive private schools all his life. Prior to becoming ambassador, he worked for a sleazeball law firm that specializes in breaking up unions and sending children to prison.

But whether it’s due to Zuckerman’s “Romanian” heritage or general naivete, once again, Romania expected “big things” from the new U.S. ambassador.

But just like his 12 predecessors, Zuckerman delivered the same old imperial message.

My translation:

The United States has no plans to add Romania to its waiver visa program.

Ambassador Zuckerman, during an interview with Ziarul de Iasi [newspaper], said that, right now, 10% of Romanian visa applications to the United States are rejected and this number needs to drop below 3% in order for Romania to qualify for the visa waiver program.

Adrian Zuckerman said that he promises he will collaborate with both President Iohannis and Prime Minister Orban to reduce this rejection rate but could not say whether visa requirements for Romanians will be lifted in the next five or even ten years.

The American ambassador also had some advice for Romanians: if you want to visit America without needed a visa, your economy must develop.

So… fucking… arrogant.

As a reminder, the U.S. has been dangling the prospects of Romania getting on the visa waiver list since at least 2003. And every single time, “something” always comes up, even when Romania “technically” has met the requirements.

Since the visa application process is entirely opaque, I have no idea why 10% of Romanian applications get rejected or what the hell the Romanian president and/or prime minister can do about it.

Especially when the U.S. embassy has some truly sick fucks in their employ:

[The U.S. Embassy official] works behind a thick sheet of bulletproof glass and after you pay your $100 and fill out the paperwork and wait in line and pass through the fortress-like security, it is he who decides your entire future, and he loves it.

He spoke about the many superbly hot and beautiful women who also must wait in line for his approval and how much he loves that power to decide (and even goes on Google to see more photos of them later – everyone listening to that story was chuckling at that but frankly I find it perverted as hell).

I am quite sure that unless Romania grows a spine and tells the United States “no” once in a while, it will get its visa waiver status rejected again many, many times in the years to come…

2 thoughts on “New Ambassador, Same Old Imperialism

  1. The visa-waiver business is beyond understanding. Romania sends troops to the anti-terror fight, allows the US to have two military bases, and permits a fortified intelligence gathering base (the embassy). The visa waiver should have been front and center from the top.
    As far as the Peace Corps goes…I’ve known dozens of PCVs in Romania and though I can’t speak intimately of all of them I don’t have such a negative opinion as you do. Few of them were the arrogant asses you indicate. Most of the young ones were beefing-up their CVs or looking for a little adventure. The older ones are mostly habitual volunteers.
    They get $25 per week paid at the completion of their tour. That’s not much of a re-adjustment payout. That might get them into a cheap apartment and a down-payment on some sort of vehicle. Their monthly stipend pays their living expenses.


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