Adventures in Legitimacy

The other day, an attractive young woman in a dress and heels handed me an envelope. When I looked inside, I saw it was stuffed full of euros and (Moldovan) lei. What’s this? Am I being paid by Russian gangsters, the CIA, or some other nefarious group? Nah. The truth is that I now have a “real” job, one that is the most illegitimate bunch … Continue reading Adventures in Legitimacy

A Secret Deal for Ukrainians to Enter Romania

I was trolling through Ukrainian media this morning when I found this. It’s a rather bland news report similar to this one in English: President Klaus Iohannis met on Saturday with his Ukrainian counterpart Petro Poroshenko on the sidelines of the International Munich Security Conference, reiterating on the occasion the support for Ukraine’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity, and stressing the importance of the full … Continue reading A Secret Deal for Ukrainians to Enter Romania

Permanent Sadface

Once again, Romania has been promised one thing and then delivered another by the American government: U.S. Ambassador to Romania Hans Klemm on Monday said he was not very optimistic about Romania’s chances to join the United States’ Visa Waiver Program in 2016. Yep. I’ve been chronicling this drama for years. Indeed, here’s the same story from two years ago. And here is my story … Continue reading Permanent Sadface

U.S. Continues to Provoke Russia

With all the recent build-up of hostilities, the United States keeps ramping up the stakes: Moscow in recent days has talked about its effort to modernize its strategic missile forces, including bringing five new regiments online this year. Those efforts have worried American officials in the U.S. and Europe, who have repeatedly criticized what they say is a military build up in Kaliningrad, Crimea and … Continue reading U.S. Continues to Provoke Russia