Why We Come to Romania

Yesterday I was interviewed by a local TV station (NCN in Cluj – I’ll post the video when I have it) about me, my book and my life here. And they asked me the same question I always get asked, which is why choose Romania?

I certainly understand that question. Romanians have been raised from birth that “other” countries are nice, wonderful, beautiful and worth visiting and moving to but not Romania. I’m sure if I lived in Tuscany, Italy or Nice, France or Madrid, Spain or even London, England absolutely nobody would ever wonder why I would want to visit or live there, eh?

But I’ve explained my reasons many times, both here on the blog and in my various interviews. There are, however, some 9 million visitors a year to Romania and I think it is of extreme importance for Romanians to hear why all those people choose to come here.

It is critically important to realize that they chose to pack their bags, spend their money and their time, all to come HERE to Romania. I’ve been meeting these people for years and talking with them but now that the film project is in full swing, you too can see a little bit of what I’ve known for years.

I am posting this short clip (from a longer interview) from this visitor because I’ve heard similar stories for years – it is all of you Romanians who are on the internet and in foreign countries, talking about your wonderful country, who inspire others to come see it. Even Yours Truly (me) came here originally because I worked with a Romanian back in the United States who told me how awesome and wonderful Romania is.

And they were right! And time and time again, all of these visitors generally have a really positive experience here and then they go back home to their countries and tell all of their family and friends how great Romania is. And so the circle continues, onwards and upwards.

It was a real treat to talk to Aurelija Meskaite from Lithuania, who not only bought my book but is a fan of my Living Food blog as well.

I’m really excited about the film project because it features lots of interviews with people like Aurelija, my adventures in various nooks and crannies of this awesome country and more fun surprises that you will just have to wait for :)