The Transylvania Book Fair

After all the research lately into taxes, politics and business, I thought it was time for an unequivocally positive story from around these parts. Last weekend here in Unicorn City was the first Transylvania Book Fair (link to Romanian news article about it here). There are a couple of other book fairs which come to this city but this was the first one dedicated exclusively … Continue reading The Transylvania Book Fair

Hey, hey we’re the Hungarians!

Ahh, the Hungarians. I lived here a long time before I even began to gain the slightest understanding about them and I don’t think I ever will fully understand them all the way. To understand the Hungarians in Romania, it’s essential to travel back through time to the beginning of the Hungarians as a separate race or ethnicity of people. At around the end of … Continue reading Hey, hey we’re the Hungarians!

Hey, Hey We’re the Germans!

One day you might find yourself tooling around southern Transylvania in your fine motor car, just enjoying the fresh air and suddenly come around a bend in the road and enter the town of Sibiu and you’re going to think, “Mein gott in himmel, have I just arrived in Germany or what?”. Yes, pretty much you have! One of the surprising populations inside Romania is … Continue reading Hey, Hey We’re the Germans!