The Ballad of Mihai Viteazul

The biggest non-Hungarian statue in Cluj-Napoca is of Mihai Viteazul, known as Mihai “Bravu” in the southern regions of Romania and “Michael the Brave” in English. Today, there are statues of Mihai all over Romania and several villages bear his name. His incredible claim to fame is that, in the year 1600, he united all three of the majority-Romanian lands – Transylvania, Moldova, and Wallachia … Continue reading The Ballad of Mihai Viteazul

Why Do Romanians Hate and Fear Russia?

Over the years, I’ve documented a deep-seated fear and loathing for Russia amongst Romanians, and I really want to know why. Setting aside, momentarily, reactions to the policies of Russian President Vladimir Putin since 2000, I wanted to know if there is any factual basis for all this enmity. Therefore, I decided to go through the last 500 years of history and see what I … Continue reading Why Do Romanians Hate and Fear Russia?

Survivorman Les Stroud in Romania

Word Count: 523 The other day, I was surprised when the Unsleeping Eye alerted me to the fact that a popular survivalist had filmed not one but two episodes in Romania. The show is called Survivorman, featuring the legendary Les Stroud, and Season 7 Episodes 2-3 were billed as Les doing some survival in “Transylvania”. I say “Transylvania” because, unfortunately, Les was not in Transylvania. … Continue reading Survivorman Les Stroud in Romania

Bonemian Rhapsody

You know it’s rather easy to mock Americans for their stupidity but at some point you have to have a little patience and understanding because little American kids are constantly being spammed by misinformation. Case in point is the map above, which incredibly wrong on so many levels. This is a screenshot from a 1984 cartoon so Yugoslavia did, in fact, exist at the time … Continue reading Bonemian Rhapsody