You Know You’re Romanian When…

princecharlesbasescu…a foreign, drunken, philandering buffoon who cheated on his wife during their honeymoon and was best friends with a horrific pedophile is a better ambassador at promoting your country than your own idiotic and unnecessarily combative Minister of Tourism.

3 thoughts on “You Know You’re Romanian When…

  1. Sam, I’m sorry to read you’ve met the other side of Romanian ‘hospitality” and got kicked out of the country by post-ceasca’s inbred police, but I take exception from your offending, uncalled for description of Prince Charles. However, considering you are first and foremost an American, such subtleties as class, aristocracy and a modicum of reverence are values they don’t teach in your K12 system. As for buffoons, your Congress, Senate and the office of the President is full of them so leave Charles alone, at least he’s not doing it at vast public expense. And who he fucks or lusts for is his own problem.

    This man has done an enormous service to promoting true Romania values and heritage for the past 10 years or so, without boasting or asking anything in return. Just for this reason alone and you should show some respect, if you truly are more Romanian than we are. Make fun of him yes, but don’t be a dork. You may have missed that, but due reverence used to be part of the true Romanian spirit.

    And yes, unfortunately for Romania, the inept and the fool are running the country and we have to rely on “foreigners” like Prince Charles and Acorn TV (Wild Carpathia producers) for appreciating and showing the world what the country could have been without the gross negligence of the authorities AND the “dupa noi, potopul” attitude of the nouveau-riche manelisti.


  2. “Your Highness, your Highness!…(skidding over the polished floor, almost stepping on the sword dangling at his hip and coming to an abrupt halt)
    Aber what is it, mein liebes Herr?
    I’ve just come from Rumania, your Highness!..
    That ist sehr gut, mein Herr. What did you see in Rumänien, heh?
    Wonders upon wonders, mein König. Such beautiful lands, such rich wheatfields, such nice juicy …nein, not juicy but you do understand me, mein lieber Führer, oil wells!…Und wait to see the Hafen of Constanza, wunderbar!…Oh, and the Cernavoda-Constanza railway…sie müssen go there, Your Highness!
    Right, mein Herr General. Let’s go to Rumania!
    Jawohl, mein Führer, aber…..
    Aber was, mein liebes Herr?
    How do we get to fool those idiots Austrians, Bulgarians and Turks? Remember they wanted to go to Rumänien first…”

    Well. Isn’t Romania so very nicely promoted here? By the way, His Highness was usually called Kaiser Wilhelm II and Herr General was known as Erich von Ludendorff. We have only to wonder whether Prinz Karl, I mean Prince Charles, has the same agenda regarding Romania as had his distant relative. What, do you think it impossible? Never say never, they say.


  3. Would I be blamed if I say that I don’t see in Pr Charles a philander – he stayed true to his unique (but maybe not so attractive) love all his life whereas Diana changed partners as she changed her royal dresses…their marriage was wrongly planned by the royal family, therefore doomed from start.


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