What I Miss Most About Romania

The “Sit Around” was, in reality, a way for the whole village to come together and for young bachelors to look for a bride. Likewise, for the older members of the community, the “Sit Around” was a time to pass the time having fun, teaching the youth traditional skills and how to transform work into something that’s a pleasure. Continue reading What I Miss Most About Romania

The Reviews Are In!

Woah! I sure didn’t expect my story game to be such a hit! I’ve been absolutely floored by the reception it has gotten. Two weeks “live”, and one guy already created a video of himself “playing” it. Not quite Pewdiepie, but I’m still gobsmacked :D I’ve also been getting a ton of messages from players who actually finished the game. Here’s just a sample: “The … Continue reading The Reviews Are In!

BlaBlaCar in Romania

I was taking a leak on a train from Iași to Cluj when it dawned on me that there had to be a better way to travel long-distance across Romania.  The thought struck me then and there because, while one hand was busy aiming my Johnson roughly at the rim, the other was holding the sliding door shut so that the vomiting passenger trying to barge her way in … Continue reading BlaBlaCar in Romania