The Reviews Are In!

Woah! I sure didn’t expect my story game to be such a hit! I’ve been absolutely floored by the reception it has gotten.

Two weeks “live”, and one guy already created a video of himself “playing” it. Not quite Pewdiepie, but I’m still gobsmacked :D

I’ve also been getting a ton of messages from players who actually finished the game. Here’s just a sample:

“The game is so great and I hope it’ll improve more!”

“I love you, Rogelio.”

He loves you too! :)

“This is cool.”

“This game is awesome.”

If you’d like to give it a try yourself and you have a working Facebook account, just click here. If you try it and like it, why not give the Facebook Page a like so other people know it’s cool too?

In other news, I’m this close to buying a new computer, so things will definitely change around here when I do. Stay tuned for LOTS of awesome new stuff!

2 thoughts on “The Reviews Are In!

  1. Just don’t write something that will get you in trouble! You know how butthurt authorities in that part of the world can be, if their fragile little ego is threatened.


  2. Completely off topic, can you please write something about the situation in Moldova (with the elections and all)? Some of us don’t know too much and are curious about how things are perceived there, and you have a knack for gathering info from all sorts of people (not just an insulated bubble of people who reinforce each others’ identical opinions).


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