Rogozin vs. Romania

After engaging in what was probably too much research about last Friday’s weird aviation incident, I’ve come to the conclusion that just about everybody involved has either lied or been sorely mistaken about key facts, including Yours Truly. Therefore, once and for all, I want to paint a true record of what actually happened. The Undisputed Facts On Friday, July 28, 2017, Russian Deputy Prime … Continue reading Rogozin vs. Romania

Games With Frontiers

Last week, I watched live as a commercial airliner heading from Moscow to Chisinau flew in circles inside Hungarian airspace before making an emergency landing in Belarus because an unidentified Romanian official spontaneously decided to ban the flight from crossing Romanian airspace. Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, only Russian-language media has written about all the pieces to this strange puzzle, so today I’m … Continue reading Games With Frontiers

Another Really Bad Day for Air Moldova

Air Moldova spokesperson Dumitru Niculăiță has been referring to the anonymous letter from Air Moldova employees a “fake”, but it’s becoming increasingly obvious that there are major problems going on with this airline. Yesterday alone, there were two incidents. The first one involved an Antalya (Turkey) to Chisinau flight. My translation: When the plane touched down on the runway at the Chisinau Airport, a tire … Continue reading Another Really Bad Day for Air Moldova

Air Moldova Problems Continue

Just days after I wrote about the dire situation at Air Moldova, two new incidents have come to light. In the first, a scheduled Air Moldova flight from Chisinau to Greece was grounded. My translation: Dozens of Moldovans who were ready to head to the Corfu Islands and Zakinthos in Greece on vacation were sent home and told that the flight was canceled. Air Moldova … Continue reading Air Moldova Problems Continue

Desperate Air Moldova Employees Warn of Impending Disaster

When I saw this article come across the wire, I assumed that it would quickly become a big story, if not globally than at least in Moldova. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, probably because if the information is true, it is just too horrible to contemplate. Frankly, it scared the hell out of me, and I’m pretty grizzled. In the linked article, an anonymous group of … Continue reading Desperate Air Moldova Employees Warn of Impending Disaster