No text today, just a fun picture of some handicrafts from the 2018 Chisinau Day celebrations in Moldova.

Cool Photography Project

I was very interested to see this, a project by a Romanian photographer to document the interior of 10 different apartments built during the Communist era. Each photo was shot from the same position in each of the single room apartments. This is “in order to better illustrate the mixture of several social classes under…

Snow in Cismigiu Park

Wow! These are some genuinely stunning photographs of Cismigiu Park in downtown (centre) Bucharest. I’ve been to Cismigiu many times. If you’re ever in Bucharest (even when it’s not winter), you should definitely visit this gorgeous green space. They even have swans!

Shooting Grandfather

I’m always on the hunt for interesting stories and developments in Romania, or by Romanians, but this one has to be one of the best that I’ve seen in a while. A Romanian photographer named Dragos Ionescu went to Britain to study photography. After a few years, he decided to shoot “cinematic” photos of his…