An Epic 2000-Mile Roadtrip Through Romania

Plenty of travelers and tourists come to Romania but they tend to fall into two categories – those that fly into the country and then (maybe) go on short road trips or poor backpackers who hitchhike and see amazing things but rarely blog.

Today we’re all in for a rare treat as my friend and his wife went on a 2,656-kilometer roadtrip last year to see much of the best that southern and western Romania has to offer.

My favorite part is their search for the “Tunnel of Love”:

Even though every single article and post about Tunelul Dragostei says that we were standing on an abandoned track, the locomotive was approaching us ever so slowly. “I think you’re right,” I told my wife. I must’ve given the engineer a very stupid look because his face seemed to be saying, “what?” as the engine slowly crept on by.

Honestly, I’m jealous. Back in my rambling days, I did most of my touring through Romania by train, which was cool, but I only had one long car road trip. Can’t wait to do another one!

Click on the link for all the hilarious stories and a ton of great pictures.

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