The Bucharest Jaywalking Scam

Word Count: 803 Over the past month or so, the Unsleeping Eye has reported an uptick in foreigners being caught in a new Romanian scam. As far as I can tell, this is only happening in Bucharest, the chaotic near-lawless capital of Romania, where taxi drivers have single-handedly done their best to ruin foreigners’ first impressions of the country for years. Just today, I picked … Continue reading The Bucharest Jaywalking Scam

A Land Without Junk Mail

Although I’m not a very conscientious adherent to the Tao, it must be said that some of the best things about life in Romania are what’s missing here. After watching a documentary about junk mail in Britain I was reminded that the problem is equally bad in the United States, Canada and many other countries. Known formally as advertising mail or “direct mail”, this is … Continue reading A Land Without Junk Mail

Taxi Drivers in Bucharest

The filming continues like wildfire and it’s been absolutely amazing meeting so many people, both visitors and residents alike, with their informative and interesting opinions on Romania and life here in this unique country. Sadly, one of the people we interviewed brought up a problem I’ve heard many times before, which is that taxi drivers in Bucharest (the capital) often tend to be crooks, scam … Continue reading Taxi Drivers in Bucharest