After Party

  Well there you go, signing my first autograph :D It was a cold and dark night and I know a lot of you wanted to come but didn’t. For those of you who did, much thanks and it was wonderful meeting you, even if sadly I have forgotten some of your names. There’s more…

New Camera

Wow! The Woman bought a brand-new digital camera last night and you can see above how awesome it is. Definitely be taking some photos of the party in Cluj on Sunday so if you can’t attend, at least you’ll see all the fun you missed! PS – Click on the photo for the super-large version.

Cluj Party

Despite the fierce December rain, I just got my shipment of promotional copies of the book. Wow! These books look and feel absolutely fabulous. Everything from the binding to the quality of the paper is just stupendous. Honestly I think anyone who ordered the paperback version of this book is going to be very pleased….

Slang Word Of The Day: Chef

Probably one of my favorite Romanian words of all time is chef (kef), which has a number of interlocking definitions. Let’s take them one at a time: 1. Petrecere zgomotoasă cu mâncare, băutură (și cântec). Meaning: A loud party with food, drink (and singing). 2. Stare de (ușoară) beție și de bună dispoziție a omului…