Hungarian Word of the Day: Buli

One of the easier Hungarian words to pronounce has to be the word buli, more or less just like you’d think it sounds.

At least around here, it usually means a “party”, almost identical to the way the Romanian word chef is used.

The Hungarian word buli has an interesting history, borrowed first from German and that originally from the French poule, from the Latin for literally a female bird. The English equivalent to the original Latin is pullet.

Somehow the French twisted this word to start meaning a “group of people” and from there in Hungarian it got to mean “a group of people hanging out and having fun” or, in other words, a party! So if you’re ever in a Hungarian bar and see a poster with the word buli, you know you’re in for a good time.

To help you pronounce this word, I offer the following video:

One, two, tres, cuatro! :D

One thought on “Hungarian Word of the Day: Buli

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