Fun With Videos

Well as I mentioned last week, I now own a new computer. And I bought that computer specifically so I could do what I’ve wanted to do with editing and making videos.

Below is a new clip I made for my favorite bar, using nothing but clips I filmed over three nights way back in October.

Obviously it looks a little rough but what can you do? Some of those shots were in near total darkness. I also did my best not to re-use clips from my first promo but there just wasn’t that much footage to work with. But I am happy that I got a lot of the timing issues and synchronization stuff improved. Either way, I wanted to test out the new computer and new program (Final Cut X, for those of you who are curious) and “take it for a spin” so to speak. Except for some minor color shifts, pretty much what you see on this YouTube clip (in HD, no less, yay) is what I saw on the original video file, so I’m quite happy about that.

Now it’s time to get to some of the new stuff for my documentary. Enjoy!

7 thoughts on “Fun With Videos

  1. I’m curious about one thing: does the smoking that goes on in all Romanian bars/clubs bother you? Lately I find I have stopped going to bars in the winter time because there is just way too much smoke and I couldn’t stand it even if I wanted to. But for clubs I don’t really have a solution, since they’re smoky in all seasons :)

    Nice video! But I think Romanians can’t dance…


  2. It’s another video (promo) on youtube with this club.
    “Everybody jump around!” Jump,Jump,Jump…. :)
    We want Sam on karaoke…sing,sing,sing!


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