Your Tax Dollars at Work

Trigger warning: if discussion about the Russian language threatens your self-identity, stop reading now! Few Romanians know that their tax dollars have been paying to broadcast news in the Russian language since 1975. Yes, you read that right. Radio Romania International, a state-funded broadcaster operating out of Bucharest had been treacherously providing news content in English, French, Serbian, Arabic, Spanish, Italian, German, (Mandarin) Chinese, Ukrainian, … Continue reading Your Tax Dollars at Work

The Troll Threatens to Go Nationwide

I’ve got plenty of meatier subjects on deck for this week, but I thought I’d start off on Monday with a good laugh. The Unsleeping Eye picked up a couple of reports that The Troll wants to take his unique brand of hate journalism to a national level. From here (my translation): Liviu Alexa, age 38, owner of a media group in Cluj… has announced … Continue reading The Troll Threatens to Go Nationwide

Good News

When you have a language like Romanian, sometimes you get two (or more) similar words with subtle shades of meaning that come from two different linguistic sources. In Romanian, stiri (shteer) and veste (ves-teh) both mean “news.” The first comes from Latin and means “knowledge” while the second comes from Slavic roots and means “that which is new” or news. If you’re talking about journalism, … Continue reading Good News

Moldova Builds Fragile Pro-EU Coalition

From here: The new parliamentary coalition comprises of the Democratic Party (PD) of Marian Lupu and Vlad Plahotniuc, the Liberal Party (PL), as well as 14 MPs that defected from the Communist Party (PCRM), 8 MPs that defected from the Liberal Democratic Party (PLDM), and one independent. Theoretically, this is a 56-strong majority in a 101-seat Parliament; it should be able to appoint a Prime … Continue reading Moldova Builds Fragile Pro-EU Coalition