How to start your own 24-hour TV news channel

Here in Romania it’s apparently all the rage to operate your own 24-hour news television channel so you too might be wondering how you can start one on your own. Luckily, it’s quite simple! 1) Get the necessary license If you want to broadcast a television signal, you need a license from your local government’s licensing authority. In the United States this is the FCC. … Continue reading How to start your own 24-hour TV news channel

The Second Dirty Secret of Romanian Television

Well we’ve all arrived in a new year and I’ve found myself moving in new directions. On a personal note, I’ve committed myself in earnest to learning the Russian language, which has come in handy as I work on perfecting my technique for monitoring, interpreting and analyzing global media, particularly the world’s television news channels. Assuming you can speak or at least understand all of … Continue reading The Second Dirty Secret of Romanian Television

Tuesday Morning in Romania

You might remember that a few years ago I posted a video called 66 Seconds in which I presented a brief snapshot of ordinary life here in Romania. This morning I was working on another project and I used my iPad to take snapshots of what was going on today in this country via B1TV, a Romanian 24-hour news channel. I thought all of you … Continue reading Tuesday Morning in Romania

Park Wherever You Like

Well it’s time to unveil a little “secret”, which is that Digi24 news channel has set up a bureau here in Cluj-Napoca. I say “secret” because it’s hidden way up behind the CENTRAL shopping center and isn’t marked in any way or officially announced. I know it’s there because I’ve been up there – the channel foolishly invited me up there to film me on … Continue reading Park Wherever You Like

Broadcast News

Excuse my “absence” lately as I’ve been extremely busy working on a project and haven’t had much time for writing although due to my (apparent) inborn ability to focus on multiple things at the same time, I have been watching a lot. In fact, thanks to a high-speed internet connection and a powerful computer (plus an iPad and an actual TV), I’ve been watching about … Continue reading Broadcast News