The Troll Threatens to Go Nationwide

I’ve got plenty of meatier subjects on deck for this week, but I thought I’d start off on Monday with a good laugh.

The Unsleeping Eye picked up a couple of reports that The Troll wants to take his unique brand of hate journalism to a national level.

From here (my translation):

Liviu Alexa, age 38, owner of a media group in Cluj… has announced that he will launch a new national television news channel, NCN, based on the Euronews model, with offices in the 10 biggest cities in Romania.

Reading more closely, however, all that he said was that he intends to apply for a national broadcast license, not that he’s already gotten one.

For the record, his media “group” consists of a single newspaper (Ziar de Cluj) and NCN, a local TV channel. I have no idea who watches NCN, but it can’t be very many people. Back when I lived in Cluj, it wasn’t part of my standard cable TV package, and I’ve literally never seen anyone watching it.

All hail the mighty PSD!

Apparently, the troll has convinced Razvan Dumitrescu to serve as the prospective “prestige” anchor of his proposed national channel, which is an odd choice as Dumitrescu has been a long-term “journalist” for the Antena 3 channel, which is virulently anti-Emil Boc, the “permanent” mayor of Cluj-Napoca.

But regardless of anchors or mediocrity of content, I actually hope this national license and expansion to 10 regional offices goes through. As I’ve documented time and time again, TV news channels in Romania lose money. That’s why they’re always owned by corrupt “barons” that are using them not as profit-making enterprises but to promulgate political propaganda.

Furthermore, Liviu Alexa apparently has amnesia because a different local “baron” already tried setting up a national TV news network based in Cluj a few years ago, and it failed miserably. The news channel (Transilvania Live) had to be shut down and the “lifestyle” channel (Transilvania Look) was sold off to a foreign company that turned it into a sports channel.

If you want to fall on your face and lose a ton of money while simultaneously pissing off powerful politicians, the best way to do it is to launch your own national TV news network.

Therefore, I sincerely wish Liviu Alexa the best of luck in this endeavor :)

One thought on “The Troll Threatens to Go Nationwide

  1. The Troll must be longing for the good old days when the infamous Roşia Montana Gold Corporation was still alive and was funding his two printed “newspapers” (offered gratis), which later became the online “Ziarul de Cluj”…


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