21 – 22 Mai 2016: Cluj Days

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Romanian words of the day: Sâmbătă (sim-buh-tuh) – Saturday Duminică (doo-mi-ni-cuh) – Sunday I had anticipated Cluj to be Roman in the most direct sense of the word… but it’s not. I frequently find myself anticipating the heady, honeycomb intimacy of the Eternal City to coalesce around me, and when it does not, I find in… Continue reading 21 – 22 Mai 2016: Cluj Days

Bigger Than Jesus

I’m always delighted to find a blog entry from yet another satisfied visitor and link to them frequently on the site. But this entry from some Europeans who visited Suceava and Cluj (as well as Chisinau!) made me laugh due to this: We discovered the biggest Stefan cel Mare monument ever seen on earth. There’s a true love story between Romania and this guy. Even … Continue reading Bigger Than Jesus

Threat Assessment

Although there’s zero mention of it on the American Embassy’s website, the American charge d’affairs, Duane C. Butcher, made a quick little stopover in Cluj yesterday to visit long-time embassy snitch Emil Boc. The only reason we know about it is because he gave a brief statement to the local Realitatea and Digi24 crews (video at the link). The article caught the Unsleeping Eye’s attention … Continue reading Threat Assessment