Bigger Than Jesus

I’m always delighted to find a blog entry from yet another satisfied visitor and link to them frequently on the site. But this entry from some Europeans who visited Suceava and Cluj (as well as Chisinau!) made me laugh due to this:

We discovered the biggest Stefan cel Mare monument ever seen on earth. There’s a true love story between Romania and this guy. Even in churches we found big paintings of him (bigger than Jesus, of course). We finished at Piata Stefan cel Mare. A propos Stefan cel Mare: This dude is omnipresent in Romania, especially in Moldova (region & country). In Bucharest I was annoyed because of all the “Mihai Eminescu” streets, yet Stefan cel Mare is another category. There is no second in your life without facing Stefan cel mare somewhere.
A typical town trip during looked like this: We arrived at the train station “Stefan cel Mare”, then crossed the “Bulevardul Stefan cel Mare” and walked straight ahead. The first street we turned left into the “Strada Stefan cel Mare” until we came to one of the plenty “Piata Stefan cel Mare” squares where we had lunch in the restaurant “Stefan cel Mare”.

I had to wipe tears from my eyes after reading that :D

Click on the link for a ton of awesome photos as well as more hilarious commentary.

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