21 – 22 Mai 2016: Cluj Days

Plenty of alcohol and ice cream :-)

home is where my backpack is

Romanian words of the day: Sâmbătă (sim-buh-tuh) – Saturday
Duminică (doo-mi-ni-cuh) – Sunday

I had anticipated Cluj to be Roman in the most direct sense of the word… but it’s not. I frequently find myself anticipating the heady, honeycomb intimacy of the Eternal City to coalesce around me, and when it does not, I find in myself a dissonance. Certainly there are similarities which are at times even more disconcerting, because then red-tiled roofs and cobblestone streets anticipate other nonexistent parallels and, so oddly, I find myself nostalgic for a foreign city in which I spent a mere four months, and over five years ago.

But if there’s a perfect time to learn this new city, it’s this very weekend. Not only is the city engaged in celebration of Cluj Days – vendors, food, street performances, concerts, fun for the whole family! – but it’s also my first full day…

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