A poem for David Ciceo

This weekend I was out at the Unicorn City Airport to pick up the SMG from another one of her endless training-uri when I saw that they were building a new gas (petrol) station alongside the main east-west street here in Cluj-Napoca. The bulldozers were still on site and most of the asphalt has yet to be poured but strangely the large sign with illuminated … Continue reading A poem for David Ciceo

CLJ = Unicorn International Airport

As part of my ongoing mission to film in Romania, I spent about an hour today at the Cluj International Airport, the first time I’d been there since the debacle in April, wherein Cluj lost a number of flights to archrival Targu-Mures Airport. The airport wasn’t my main destination today but since I had about an hour to spend there, I decided to investigate. I … Continue reading CLJ = Unicorn International Airport

Johnny’s In The Basement, Mixing Up The Medicine

Oh my goodness, two stories here today, one slightly dated. The first story comes from Mediafax, so you can choose your language (English or Romanian): Finnish mobile giant Nokia could lay off about 120 employees from its Research and Development Center in Cluj, central Romania, and the center will be shut down by the end of the third quarter, part of the group’s strategy to … Continue reading Johnny’s In The Basement, Mixing Up The Medicine