Bury Me Amid Chaos

My grandfather’s funeral was my only encounter with death that wasn’t terrifying. After passing, he was interred in a massive cemetery in Southern California that was exquisitely maintained. It was a neatfreak’s eternal paradise. Germans would love it. The chaos of Romanian cemeteries, on the other hand, is not for the obsessive compulsive of heart. They’re unkempt, asymmetrical and disorderly—possibly to the point of irreverence for some. But that’s … Continue reading Bury Me Amid Chaos

Cluj City Hall Quits Teasing, Goes Full Nude

As you may recall, the object of my intense desire, Cluj-Napoca City Hall, had been veiled in tantalizing construction lingerie for as long as I’d known her.  So eager was I to peek up her satin nightgown last December that it landed me in the backseat of a police car. Such is the plight of those who find climbable no-go zones immensely attractive.  One day, when science proves … Continue reading Cluj City Hall Quits Teasing, Goes Full Nude

21 – 22 Mai 2016: Cluj Days

Originally posted on home is where my backpack is:
Romanian words of the day: Sâmbătă (sim-buh-tuh) – Saturday Duminică (doo-mi-ni-cuh) – Sunday I had anticipated Cluj to be Roman in the most direct sense of the word… but it’s not. I frequently find myself anticipating the heady, honeycomb intimacy of the Eternal City to coalesce around me, and when it does not, I find in… Continue reading 21 – 22 Mai 2016: Cluj Days

All About the Dude Who Got Arrested Climbing Cluj City Hall

You may or may not have heard about the recent late-night arrest that took place at city hall in Cluj after a man, rumored to have been piss drunk, climbed to the top of the scaffolding encasing the building’s elegant corner tower, which is currently undergoing restoration work. When I stepped into a taxi that same night, half-drunk and garrulous as per usual after another unforgettable night on the … Continue reading All About the Dude Who Got Arrested Climbing Cluj City Hall