Back Once Again With the Iubesc Behavior

Wow! Okay apparently last night they ran the episode with me on ProTV again. I assume it’s the same footage as I don’t own a television and nothing on their official website tells me differently (original video here). Kind of ironic I’ve been on television a dozen times in 2011 and yet never seen myself LOL A lot of people have been interested in the … Continue reading Back Once Again With the Iubesc Behavior

The Hard Knock Life

Please don’t mistake anything I’m about to say here but quite frankly, I am exhausted. The filming went wonderfully but it took a lot out of me and then running around (off camera) being a minor celebrity and getting patted on the back about a million times (verbally and physically) wore me out. Luckily it’s Saturday so I can rest :) Again, I have no … Continue reading The Hard Knock Life

Just In Case

I already wrote a guide to Romania but it is entitled the Complete Guide and I realized that sadly, there’s some information missing! Just in case you ever find yourself called by a Romanian television station to be interviewed (in Romanian!), there are a few things you need to know ahead of time. Actually, there’s only one thing you will need to know ahead of … Continue reading Just In Case

Gandul Article

Last night while I was hanging out with my rowdies, I got a call with the good news – my Gandul article is finally published. Yeehaw! It’s in Romanian but here is the awful Google translated version. Perhaps soon I’ll translate it “for reals” but for now you have to get by with Senor Google. You can tell it’s been a while by the fact … Continue reading Gandul Article