Back Once Again With the Iubesc Behavior

Wow! Okay apparently last night they ran the episode with me on ProTV again. I assume it’s the same footage as I don’t own a television and nothing on their official website tells me differently (original video here). Kind of ironic I’ve been on television a dozen times in 2011 and yet never seen myself LOL

A lot of people have been interested in the book. If you’re in Romania and like to get one, contact my colleague Iuliana at 0743 604 996 or else write me an email at

If this is your first time to my blog, hello and welcome. There are over 600 posts on here. Everything you need to navigate is to your right on the sidebar. If you want to “Roll the Dice” (look on the right) then you get a random article, otherwise you can browse by category or tag or calendar date (or just read all 600 sequentially hehe).

Last week I wrote a new article in Romanian and forgot to mention it here. You can find all of my stuff in Romanian on the right sidebar under the appropriately named heading “My Stuff in Romanian”.

I got a lot of really nice messages, including one from the owner of a local bar here who offered me free drinks. Awesome!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to slip on a disguise so I can implement my master plan and try and get a new apartment :P

Thanks for all of your support!