Only human

Lately I’ve felt like a priest, going to visit the sick to sit with them a while and offer them comfort. An old friend of mine and her husband caught a nasty virus while working in England and now they’re back home to rest and recuperate. Was the money there good? Yes, but both of…

Off the grid

Yesterday I read an article in a Romanian newspaper which left me grinning for the rest of the day. It was entitled There are people who exist that don’t exist, about people who have no IDs and don’t “exist”. My partial translation: Are there people who exist that don’t exist? The subject was brought to…


One interesting and true thing you’ll always hear foreigners say is how damned delicious tomatoes are in Romania. It’s true. And what’s even more delicious are the ones you grow in your own window :) Sweeter than sugar.

I Don’t Care, I Love It

In the past week I’ve been speaking to a number of new people, many of whom asked me again about why I live here. I had some free time today so I decided to whip up an answer. HAPPY SUNDAY EVERYBODY!

Two Men Working Four Men Watching

I’m a big fan of Twitter and the awesomest local news producer “Stiri de Cluj” bleeps across my timeline when something happens. Holy shit a bridge collapsed! A building blew up on the first cold day of the year And many, many more like that. And every time you know that it’s not terrorism, it’s…