The Pale Horse Approaches

Well, folks, since there are so few real journalists left out there, you might not have heard that the photograph at the top of this article just saved your life. Without it? It’s likely that World War III would’ve been launched this week.

On November 15, 2022, a missile landed in the tiny village of Przewodów in Poland, home to just 413 souls. The missile, fired by Ukraine, killed two villagers (whose names have not been released) and destroyed a tractor.

Immediately, with zero hesitation, the genocidal masters of Empire began activating their plan. First, the AP published a quote from an anonymous US official, saying that the missile was unequivocally launched by Russia.

After that, a cavalcade of fascist Ukrainian “journalists” began repeating the claim that it was a Russian missile. This was amplified by the Atlantic Council and a handful of virulently anti-Russian politicians in the Baltic states.

Chiming in not too long afterward were all of Ukraine’s top leadership, including the Foreign Minister, and then Zelensky himself, all doubling down on the claim that Russia had attacked (NATO member) Poland and thus, it was time for NATO to launch an all-out war against Russia.

Ukraine’s Foreign Minister went so far as to post a tweet in English saying that anyone doubting that Russia had launched the missile was promoting “a conspiracy theory.” And to this date, he has refused to retract that statement.

This despite the fact that there was an American AWACS plane aloft at the moment and had tracked the missile from start to finish AND that the Polish military has a radar station just 40km from the village that also tracked the missile. And, of course, the Ukrainian military had to have known where its own missile had gone.

The only reason I’m not “debunking” a conspiracy theory today is because one heroic villager in Przewodów published two photographs of the missile fragments.

People who are experts in this stuff quickly determined from the photographs that it was an S-300 missile that landed in Poland, a missile which isn’t used by the Russian (or Belarusian) military. Furthermore, these missiles have a limited range, and it is physically impossible for it to have been fired from Belarus or Russian-held territory.

Without that photograph? The only thing we’d know today is what all those warmongers wanted us to know, that Russia had somehow been so stupid as to attack Poland and kick off World War III by launching a missile at a potato field.


Now, let’s compare that situation to what happened on October 31, 2022, in the tiny village of Naslavcea in northern Moldova, home to 712 souls.

Just after dawn, a Russian missile hit an electricity generating facility in Ukraine, some 30 kilometers across the border from Naslavcea. Moments later, some missile fragments landed on the village in Moldova, cracking a few windows but otherwise not causing any damage.

Quite literally, every media outlet immediately announced that the missile that hit the village was launched by Russia, and Moldovan President Maia Sandu later toured the area to give another one of her anti-Russia speeches.

Therefore, it is now “established” that the missile was Russian precisely because no photographs of it were ever published. This despite the fact that a professional photographer from Chisinau was coincidentally in the area (🇲🇩) that morning and took photos of the electrical station that was hit across the border in Ukraine.

Somehow, despite getting some great shots of the strike on the electrical plant, the photographer didn’t bother to visit Naslavcea or photograph the fallen missile fragments. Perhaps that’s because the police immediately sealed off (🇲🇩) the area and scooped up all the evidence.

No photograph of the fragments has ever been released, and it’s likely that the “investigation” will be closed with no further comment somewhere far in the future when the whole thing has been forgotten.

I can’t say, of course, that the missile that hit Naslavcea was another Ukrainian air defense strike gone astray, but I can only surmise that if it really had been a Russian missile, the pictures would’ve been published. What I can say, however, is that Ukrainian air defense missiles have been going astray and hitting the wrong targets since Day 1 of the war.

Of course, Moldova isn’t a member of NATO, so blaming Russia for the the missile fragments hitting Naslavcea had no wider international consequences, but it certainly set the stage for folks to believe Russia “also” did the same thing in Poland.

1989 Redux

Back in the 1980s, one of the worst aspects of the Communist regime in Romania was the fact that many cities experienced electrical blackouts and heating system failures during the winter, even in the capital.

All that suffering was directly imposed on the Romanian people by Ceausescu for one reason and one reason alone – to pay off Western bankers.

Yet, astoundingly, by the time Ceausescu was lined up against a wall and shot to death on Christmas day, Romania was entirely free of debt and did not owe the West a single cent.

Well, guess what? This very week, Romania is conducting something called Exercițiu de Blackout (🇷🇴) which you don’t need a dictionary to know means “Blackout Exercise” because apparently, English has now assimilated the entire Romanian language.

Anyway, this bizarre neo-Ceausescu exercise is being conducted in the city of Mediaș as I write this (November 18-21). For three days, residents are strongly encouraged to pretend they have no electricity, heat, or running water to “get ready” for when the real hard times occur.

Which they will, of course, because Romania and the rest of Europe (with the sole exception of Hungary and Serbia) are fully committed to their suicidal policy of economic sanctions against Russia.

Weather forecast for Mediaș

Obviously, it’s not mandatory to for anyone in Mediaș to sit in the cold and the dark this weekend, but I guarantee some folks are going to be pressured to go through with this ridiculous farce.

Really, how many times does Romania need to get hit on the head with a stick before it realizes that literally absolutely nothing has changed?

I Will Show You Fear

All those years ago when Romanians were freezing in their apartment buildings, I was half a world away in sunny and warm Israel.

One day, our class was taken to a particularly dry and dusty valley some 30 kilometers southeast of the town of Haifa. Weirdly, there was nothing to see in that valley – no towns, no people, no monuments, no inscriptions, and no ancient ruins. It truly was just an expanse of nothing but sand, rocks, and a few scraggly weeds.

Our teacher went on to explain that an epic battle had taken place in that valley some 3,500 years ago between the forces of Thutmose III (of Egypt) and a coalition of local states led by the King of Kadesh. He told us that the aftereffects of that battle lingered on for generations, to the point where it came to be believed that any future battle that was bigger and more momentous would literally be the end of humanity.

Today, that valley (and battle) is officially known as Megiddo, but the Greek name for it is far more familiar to us: Armageddon.

As I sat there on that hot and dusty day in 1989, listening to my teacher tell me that the ancients had prophesied that that lonely spot would be where the world would come to an end, I felt an ice-cold shiver run through me.

And this week, I felt that same coldness creep down my spine as I realized just how close we had all come to global nuclear war.

9 thoughts on “The Pale Horse Approaches

  1. Thank you Sam for your Citizen journalism. We desperately need it, here in Cluj-Napoca…and the whole of România! Hope all is well where you are.


  2. Hi, I wanted to let you know that I subscribed to your newsletter a couple of years ago, but for some reason, you emails have always ended up in the promotion folder. Do you know how I could move your emails from there to my main inbox? I’m using Gmail. I know I could google it, but I wanted to let you know about the weird promotion thing



    1. At the top left, click the Down arrow.
      Click All. If you have more than a page of messages, you can click Select all conversations.
      Click Delete.


  3. You and the people of Maldova need to get rid of Maia Sandu for a start. Stay Neutral and I hope that the new leaders of Ukraine will talk with President Putin to make a deal that includes neutrality for Ukraine. I think Zelensky and his minions are on the way out. They will resign soon or will be taken out. All this misery was caused and is being caused by neo factions in the US and Europe who are trying to disassemble the Russian Federation like what happened to the USSR.


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