You (Don’t) Get What You’re Paying For

When it comes to being an American ally, you never get rewarded for doing the right thing. After compiling a lengthy list of what Romania has done to try and get on America’s Visa Waiver Program, I realized that I needed to produce something a bit more visual. Therefore, here’s a graphic that anyone can understand: Romania Hungary Poland Joined “Coalition of the Willing” to … Continue reading You (Don’t) Get What You’re Paying For

The 2016 MCV Report

Word Count: 1883 After writing two exhaustive inquiries into the workings of the DNA, I was highly eager to read the MCV reports published on January 27, 2016 for Romania. Yes, they’re filled with dense technical terms and legalistic writing but hey, that’s what gets me excited. I’d already read media stories that the MCV report this year on Bulgaria was far more critical than … Continue reading The 2016 MCV Report

Old friends in low places

I was innocently minding my own business when I saw this tweet flash across one of my screens last night: Good consultation in Bucharest with old friend Titus Corlăţean on the eve of Athens informal meeting of EU MFAs. Transnistria on our minds. — Radosław Sikorski MEP 🇵🇱🇪🇺 (@sikorskiradek) April 3, 2014 On the face of it, there’s nothing unusual about Raduslaw Sikorski meeting with … Continue reading Old friends in low places

20,000 Poles, Zero Romanians

Yes I know it’s been snowing like crazy in many parts of Romania and yes I know it’s pretty darn cold just about everywhere. But I want you to look at this video here from Russia Today. Essentially the video shows and the reporter states that tens of thousands of Polish people marched in the streets in multiple cities to protest their government’s signing of … Continue reading 20,000 Poles, Zero Romanians