Zelensky lies about an attack on Babi Yar

Flying Broomsticks to the Stars

Another day, and another day of non-stop bullshit out of Empire media.

I’ve been keeping a close eye on Romanian-language media, and I’ve yet to see a single report about Ukrainian forces doing literally anything except for winning battles against the Russian military.

Honestly? You’d think that not a single bullet or rocket has gone astray, or that places like the city of Donetsk are not still being shelled non-stop by Ukrainian forces.

Likewise, I saw a slew of (already outdated) reports about the city of Melitopol losing its heat and power as well as running out of food. Yet I’ve yet to see any articles in the Empire press about a convoy of Russian trucks that just showed up with humanitarian aid, including food.

Saying all of the above is now universally perceived as being “pro-Russian,” but that’s because I’m so old-fashioned that I believe journalists should be reporting all the facts, not just the ones that suit a narrative.

Want stories about every possibly negative thing that Russia is doing? Turn on the Empire news. No need for me to fucking do it.

Update on Romania

Since the numbers change so often, it’s hard to get a fully accurate on the number of “refugees” flowing out of Ukraine, but it does look like Moldova is where about ten times more people are going than Romania, despite the fact that Moldova is a far smaller and poorer country.

Hmm… I wonder why!

In other news, late Wednesday night, Romania had itself quite a little scare when not one but two military aircraft were brought down (🇷🇴) near Constanta on the Black Sea.

First, a MiG-21 crashed (over land, not water). And then when Romania sent out a (military) Puma helicopter to investigate, it crashed as well. The pilot of the Mig-21 died as did all seven people on the helicopter.

Obviously, at first, people were scared that these two aircraft had been shot down. The Romanian Defense Ministry then clarified that this was not the case – both crashes had been accidents.

But accidents caused by what, exactly?

So far, all the Defense Ministry is saying is “bad weather” and “the plane was old/in a worn-out condition.”

The weather was, indeed, quite icy and wintry. And I’ve seen some reports suggesting (obviously, the crash investigation will take a while to complete) that it was a build-up of ice on the wings that caused the MiG-21 to crash. But that still doesn’t explain why the helicopter went down as well.

Furthermore, the MiG-21 was flying in formation with another MiG-21 at the time, and I’ve yet to hear anything from that pilot about what he saw or what happened, or why his plane didn’t have any problems.

Also, the Ministry was quick to announce that the two MiGs were not participating in the so-called “Air Police” unit that flies around in circles, looking for UFOs and/or Russian attack planes. Instead, it was just flying a “surveillance” mission.

Well… the whole thing is weird. First, the plane crashed in a completely uninhabited area of the Danube Delta, so I’m not sure what there is/was to “surveil,” especially since it was flying overland, not over the water.

Next, of course, is why the hell the mission was conducted at night in the first place if the weather was so bad, and the planes were in such “old condition.” This wasn’t some guy firing up his rusty Volkswagen Rabbit to go fishing at the lake. This was an official military operation here.

Obviously, I’m reminded of the frozen tears debacle from 2014 in which Romania once again displayed complete and utter incompetence when it comes to flying in wintry weather.

Lastly, whatever happened to the plane, it doesn’t quite explain why the pilot also died. Reports seem to suggest that he tried to eject but then failed as his body was (possibly) found some distance from the crash site.

Whatever happened, it’s pretty ironic that this was a Russian-made plane (and definitely quite old). Karma’s a bitch.

In other news, Romania’s kleptomaniac president gave a retarded speech about the EU divesting itself from Russian energy supplies.

Yet neither he nor literally anyone in the Romanian press bothered to mention that Romania currently gets 10% of its gas from Dat Ol’ Debbil, Massah Russia.

Update on Pridnestrovie

Everything is peaceful here in Tiraspol. But, of course, the Empire is doing its best to destroy that.

First, someone (and it’s completely unclear who) was passing around information that the Ukrainian military had crossed over into PMR territory. President Krasnoselsky himself had to go on the news and say that this report was completely false.

Furthermore, he reiterated that PMR has nothing but peaceful intentions towards all of its neighbors, and that this is (and always was) PMR official policy.

That hasn’t stopped every yahoo on the internet from speculating about how Russian forces in Ukraine are on the verge of “linking up” with the handful of Russian soldiers in PMR to encircle/attack Ukraine.

No need for me to belabor the point, but it’s not true, and it’s frankly a ridiculous idea. Russian forces here number a maximum of 2,000 people (and probably more like 1,200 active troops) without a single plane, tank, or missile launcher.

If Russian forces ever do get to the border of PMR (coming in from Odessa), they might come by and say howdy. But only a keyboard general would think it makes tactical sense to launch an attack on Ukraine from PMR with zero heavy armaments or supply chain.

Lastly, I am happy to report that there has been no glorification or promotion or “rah-rah let’s go Russia” stuff here at all. Yes, people here have a lot of ties to Russia, but nobody’s treating this war like a big fun video game or sports match in the way that Romanians and Americans have been doing (which is fucking disgusting).

I’ve yet to see a single government news report (from PMR) crowing or celebrating Russian military victories either. Everything has been reported in a fairly dry and objective manner. Most of the focus has been on helping the refugees, which is a humanitarian action.

In fact, I’m proud to say that PMR has been treating Ukrainian refugees exactly the same way as it has treated Syrian and Iraqi refugees: everyone is welcome. Indeed, there are several Iraqi and Syrian families living here who were granted asylum over the past couple of years.

Name one other single fucking Empire country in Europe that can say that.  Go on, I double dog dare ya!

Update on Moldova

A couple of days ago, the Moldovan SIS (CIA/SRI) took Sputnik.md’s website offline. Well, guess what? They just relocated to another fucking website (not hosted in Moldova, of course). And it isn’t being blocked by any of Moldova’s ISPs, so I guess that was just one big clown move.

Unfortunately, three local Russian-language TV channels in Moldova were hit with fines for “spreading misinformation.” This is despite the fact that they specifically did NOT use even a millisecond of news footage from any Russian sources.

This is because in good old “democratic” Moldova, it is still illegal to broadcast Russian news about literally anything, as I have reported about before.

Therefore, exactly what the “misinformation” was is anybody’s guess. However, Moldova is still under emergency (🇲🇩) and special, unspecified rules now apply to all media outlets.

Translation: the pro-Romanian faction controls the government, so anything that pisses them off is “misinformation,” and the emergency decree means there isn’t shit you can do about it.

In other news, the Empire has been sending all their big guns to Moldova, including Josep Burrell (the EU’s “foreign minister”) and Anthony Blinken (USA’s foreign minister). Of course, they’ve been endlessly blathering about “respecting Moldova’s territorial integrity” and promising hundreds of billions and trillions of aid money.

President Sandu was giddy because she believes now is Moldova’s chance to finally get admitted into the EU. Honestly, the chances of that happening are slim, mostly because Moldova is too incompetent to meet the requirements rather than any local political opposition.

Update on Ukraine

Sadly, the Ukrainian police seem to have disappeared from most cities, even some where there is no Russian military presence.

As a result, the “territorial guard,” which the Russian bloggers cheerfully have nicknamed the Volkssturm, have continued to do their “thing” of taping “looters” and “saboteurs” to telephone poles.

In other news, President Zelensky seems to have discovered that he can lie about literally anything with complete impunity. Case in point was him and half his cabinet going on the internet and saying that a Russian missile had blown up the Babi Yar Memorial in Kiev.

The literal quote from the Ukrainian government was “The Russians are killing the Holocaust victims a second time.”

The Empire, of course, in the form of Anthony Blinken (the same asshole coming to Moldova this week) immediately chimed in with a stinging rebuke against Russia.

Reality? The Russian airstrike on Kiev’s central TV/radio tower (which was a perfect hit, by the way) caused a bit of secondary damage, not to the Babi Yar Memorial, but to a piece of land that the Memorial had purchased and was planning on using in the future.

Nonetheless, Wikipedia continues to carry this bald-faced lie.

Wikipedia babi yar lie

The only reason this lie was discovered was because an Israeli reporter (Ron Ben Yishai) did what no other journalist in Kiev was capable of doing and went to go fucking look for himself. And lo and behold, the Memorial was untouched!

Lastly, for all the idiots reading this blog, the people responsible for the massacre at Babi Yar were the literal Nazis, not the Soviet Union. Furthermore, some of the victims killed at Babi Yar were Russian POWs.

Oh well, who gives a fuck about the truth, as long as it makes Russia look bad, amirite?

The World

Anti-Russian hysteria continues to sweep the globe. Apparently, you can chop off the heads of political prisoners, bomb hospitals to smithereens, and starve millions of people to death and never suffer a single consequence, so long as you aren’t Russian.

But if you are Russian, you’re fucked. Even if you don’t live in Russia and hate the Russian government. Just being born in Russia is enough.

Amongst the most ridiculous examples of this xenophobia I’ve seen:

  • The conductor of the Munich (Germany) Philharmonic, Valery Gergiev, was fired simply because he did not sufficiently denounce Vladimir Putin. Gergiev is 68 years old and has lived in Germany for seven years. Someone tell me how it isn’t Communist as shit to fire an old man for “wrong thinking.”
  • The video game maker EA is removing all Russians and Belarusians(!) from its various sports games. They’re now deplatforming digital people.  Lunacy!
  • The International Federation of Felines is banning all Russian cats from its competitions. Literally, no cats from Russia can participate. Are cats now part of the invasion force or what? Clown world shit.
  • All Russian (and Belarusian!) athletes are now barred from participating in the Paralympics. What the literal fuck? Do people think some guys in a wheelchair are part of the invasion force? And how the hell could you destroy the dreams of all those people who trained so hard for four years and just wanted their chance in the sun? Shit!
  • Both British and American politicians are talking about expelling every single Russian citizen from their countries. Wow, that’ll show Putin!

And there are hundreds and hundreds of other retarded examples to choose from.

In Russia

Meanwhile, in Moscow, someone set up a projector and beamed a huge digital image of an old TIME magazine cover onto the front of the American Embassy.

It was this one from 1999:

America loves murder
Bombing for peace, yo!

And lastly, Roscosmos (Russia’s space agency akin to NASA) finally got fed up with America’s bullshit:

Russia has decided to stop supplying rocket engines to the United States in retaliation for its sanctions against Russia over Ukraine, Dmitry Rogozin, head of the state space agency Roscosmos, said on Thursday.

“In a situation like this, we can’t supply the United States with the world’s best rocket engines. Let them fly on something else, their broomsticks, I don’t know what,” Rogozin said on state Russian television.

If the name Rogozin is familiar to you, it’s because I’ve written about him several times. The guy has quite a sense of humor.

America, of course, might have “won” the space race back in the 1960s, but it is too weak and dilapidated to build spaceships or fly its own astronauts anywhere anymore.

I note that there are currently four Americans onboard the International Space Station. Probably gonna be the last Americans up there for a while.

Meanwhile, Russia’s foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, who is smarter and more experienced than every dipshit currently in the White House combined, had this to say:

Lavrov called sanctions “a tax on independence,” adding that despite the international pressure Russia will not allow creating threats for its existence.

He then noted that the West attacks Russia not because it poses a threat to its security but to prevent Russia from pursuing an independent policy.

And he’s right. If Russia ends up surviving these sanctions and global propaganda assaults, I have a feeling a lot of other countries are going to start telling the EU and America to fuck right off. Mali already has.

Christ, what a pathetic and sad state of affairs the Empire is in right now.

5 thoughts on “Flying Broomsticks to the Stars

  1. To be fair, both Rep. of Moldova are being used as transit points as most refugees are continuing westward.
    Unfortunately, since the advent cable/satellite/internet news the quality has been slowly going downhill, to the point that virtually no outlet of any political stripe or national base feels the need to give balanced reportage. Ukraine “reporting” has now hit tiktok and Instagram and is beginning to be fodder for “influencer” kids.


    1. I would suggest that “Ukraine reporting” is no less inaccurate than anything else seen on TV or other bank-owned press in Europe, US or anywhere else under the purview of the five eyes, or whatever you want to call it. (how do we identify that thing? what’s the proper term?). It’s all the same thing.

      The emerging drive toward a multi-polar world, led by Russia and China, will change that landscape, but how?? What would Solzhenitsyn have to say about all this? He articulated well the difference between the former Soviet Union, and Russia. It’s a critical distinction. The one is utterly unrelated to the other. Indeed, those in power in Russia today are largely responsible for the fall of the Soviet Union. It was a can of worms that had to be opened from the inside.

      “Willy-Nilly”. Yes!! That’s the way in which the Ukraine government distributed automatic weapons – to anyone it appears. The willy-nilly term was used by Gonzalo Lira Lopez, or Gonzalo Lira, or Coach Red Pill. His on the spot testimony is valuable – a piece of truth. All is changing.

      Russell Bentley. I’m not sure if americans, generally speaking, would hate him or love him. On the one hand, he drinks from a Stalin photo stamped coffee cup, but on the other, he seems to tell truth with a texan forthrightness.

      Pepe Escobar – he recently put forth a tweet that indicated…well…here it is:

      Thank you, Sam, for this forum.


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