Feeding Moloch

Sometimes, it’s hard for even me to believe, but about thirty years ago, I was a student in Israel.

It’s a long story as to why I was there, especially since I’m not Jewish, but I was attending a rather cool study program. For three or four days a week, we’d study some part of ancient Jewish (Israelite) history in the classroom, and then we’d follow it up with a road trip to go see the place(s) in question.

I remember one time when we were gathered around some dusty hill where people used to live two thousand years earlier, and the teacher solemnly intoned “This spot used to be where there was a temple to Moloch.”

He then went on to tell us a horrific story about a special ramp or chute that led to a chamber of fire, and said that parents used to chuck their newborn kids down that chute into the fire to be burned alive as a sacrifice to the god Moloch.

Honestly? I laughed. I mean, it sounded ridiculous, even to my inexperienced ears. What kind of people would sacrifice babies? And what kind of parents would watch them be burned alive?

Frankly, I just chalked it down to typical propaganda from the Pentateuch (“Old Testament”) about the Israelite’s Canaanite neighbors. Yeah, yeah, Yahweh is great, but those dirty Canaanites were baby killers.

Anyway, that was thousands of years ago, and nobody is gonna do stuff like that anymore.

Right? RIGHT?

Well, I don’t know shit about Moloch or what life was like on the ground in ancient times, but I do know that everybody in the United States, Australia, Canada, and most of Europe are damned sure eager to fucking sacrifice their babies now.

If you’re a rich, fat fuck like Bill Gates, I almost understand it. But what’s everybody else’s excuse?

Refugee vs. Migrant

This past week, I witnessed probably the most Soviet thing I’ve ever seen with my own eyes – virtually the entirety (minus 11 brave MEPs) of the European Union parliament and the US parliament (Congress) waving Ukrainian flags around, as if any of them give a shit about the people in Ukraine.

I then had the misfortune of listening to the dementia patient allegedly “running” the United States begin the annual State of the Union not talking about America, but of Ukraine, mumbling some bullshit about winning the hearts and minds of the Iranian people.

Christ, what a joke.

Who has killed more Ukrainians in the past ten years than the Ukrainian army? Nobody.

Woman injured in a gas explosion in 2018 in Russia now a helpless Ukrainian

Meanwhile, the failing Empire media continues to flood the internet with laughably false propaganda, despite having an army of “fact-checkers” (aka NKVD commissars) on hand to supposedly stop that kind of thing.

In fact, here’s an image from the pathetic New York Times from just two days ago:

Notice something weird on the right-hand side of that photo? Apparently, people escaping from the genocide in the east being perpetrated by Ukrainians even now and going to Russia are “migrants,” but everyone going west are “refugees.”

Seriously, I have to ask – how much dumber can it get? I mean, these guys are seriously giving 1980s Soviet media a run for their money when it comes to laughably stupid “journalism.”

Look, I fully understand why some civilians want to get the hell out of Ukraine, and I’m very glad that they’re all being well taken care of, whether they’re in Russia or Romania, but I’m going to repeat my point from the other day – not all of these people are refugees.

Some are clearly just opportunists, especially now that the EU is going to let them stay and work for three years (at least).

I like Ukrainians. One of my best friends here in Tiraspol is a Ukrainian. But the Empire has run their country into the ground. Corruption is endemic, salaries are utter shit, and the basic infrastructure (roads, bridges, hospitals, etc) is falling to shit. Damn right, there are people in Ukraine making the rational decision to hop on over the border and get themselves access to a better life now. And once they get jobs, they’re not going to leave.

Furthermore, look at this map of the battles from the first five days:

Notice anything? There’s no fighting anywhere close to Romania, Moldova, Hungary, or Poland. Yet that’s where hundreds of thousands of “refugees” are going. They can’t all be victims of shelling.

Lastly, while I personally get along with Gypsies just fine (as I have recounted hundreds of times on this blog), be aware that huge numbers of Ukrainian gypsies are also crossing over as “refugees.” I’ve seen estimates that as many as four hundred thousands Gypsies live in Ukraine, nearly all of them in the west near the border of Romania and Hungary.

This past week, Romanians have been falling all over themselves to congratulate themselves for helping the ‘fugees. But what do you think’s gonna happen in Romania when tens of thousands of Gypsies show up? More racist ass shit, is what.

Romanians, meanwhile, are kidding themselves that these ‘fugees are a) exclusively young mothers with kids and b) gonna be leaving soon. Well, they’re not, and they won’t. So you better get fucking used to them!

Memories of Anne Frank

In 2020, I re-read the diaries of Anne Frank. It was quite poignant, especially since her family was effectively in a type of “lockdown,” which I and everybody else had to endure thanks to the Empire’s lies.

But what struck me this week was just how odd it was that Anne’s family, living without a TV, phone, or the internet, were able to actively follow the progress of battles as the war unfolded (via the radio).

Today, there are ten million streams of information available, and yet good luck finding any kind of progress reports from Ukraine on any of the “mainstream” channels. I’ve literally been unable to find even basic information like “they’re moving towards Mariupol” anywhere except for independent bloggers, journalists, and, of course, the Russian media.

Why? Why are journalists unable to provide even basic information like that? My guess is that they’re simply too dumb to be able to pronounce the names of Ukrainian cities or even know where they are. After all, what’s the point of talking about the encirclement of Nikolaev (Mykolaiv) if nobody even knows where it is?

Honestly, I doubt even one person in a thousand (who isn’t Ukrainian or Russian) who is waxing on about the “poor people of Ukraine” even know where Kiev is or its relative position inside the country. And I doubt there’s even one person in a million in the United States and Britain who knows the difference between Cerhnihiv and Chernivtsi.

Of course, in the old days, it used to be job of journalists to educate people about this stuff. But now, even the journalists are fucking retards who think Chernobyl is just down the road from Tiraspol, for god’s sake.

Other Developments

Romanian-language media, in both Romania and Moldova (as well as Empire outlets like DW and the BBC) have been doing their level best, as always, to scare the shit out of people about this war. After two years of stressing the hell out of people over “Covid.”

They’ve also been running stories 24/7 about Ukraine, as long as they make Ukraine look good and Russia look bad. I even saw one pathetic Romanian channel “report” about some kids in a Russian school who supposedly got detention (punishment) for drawing “no war” placards.

Did that happen? Maybe. But what the hell does that have to do with anything? Russia has fifty-nine thousand primary/elementary schools. Surely, there are more important things to focus on than what one school is or is not supposedly doing.

Romania, meanwhile, is bursting to the seams with foreign troops, and everyone thinks that’s just a jolly, wonderful thing. Romania, supposedly, has several political parties but yet they all agree just how fantastic it is their country is stuffed to the brim with armaments from the same assholes that bombed the living shit out of their neighbor Serbia just twenty short years ago.

Meanwhile, that Ukrainian fighter jet that illegally crossed into Romanian airspace a few days ago has been returned (🇷🇴) to Ukraine. Not only that, but they let the pilot who violated Romania’s territorial integrity fly it back! And two Romanian fighter planes escorted it right up to the edge of the border.

Officially, Romania says the plane was “disarmed.” But giving military assistance to Ukraine right now is a pretty damned good way to piss off Russia and get Romania involved in the war. Of course, that’s what President Iohannis has been salivating about for the past five years.

I mean, does anybody remember how both World War I and World War II started? With a series of little escalations that suddenly got out of control? Jesus!

Romania, of course, has also been enthusiastically blocking, sanctioning, and censoring all things Russian this week like the good little Empire minions they are. Someone also vandalized the Russian embassy in Bucharest as well.

Look, if you don’t like the Russian government, that’s fine. But censoring the media? Really? And threatening to expel all Russian citizens from the country, even university students and folks who actually hate Putin? Ludicrous. If that’s democracy, then democracy can fuck right off.

Moldova, thank god, has remained neutral on all accounts. There were some (peaceful!) protests, but that’s perfectly fine and democratic. Of course, crazy Maia Sandu has been pushing for sanctions, but then someone whispered in her ear that some 70% of Moldova’s imports come from Russia, and the entire Moldovan economy (including its energy supplies) come from Russia. And vast numbers of Moldovans live, study, and work in Russia.

Meanwhile, over in Ukraine

Aside from the non-existent battle reports that the “mainstream” Empire media isn’t covering, here are some facts folks should know.

One – Alcohol sales are banned nationwide in Ukraine. Ukraine, like much of Eastern Europe, has millions of alcoholics, including a lot of poor, desperate people who just cannot go all day without having a little drink. This has led some rather sad characters to “loot” liquor stores. Ukrainian vigilantes are roaming the streets, seizing these poor bastards, and doing horrible things to them like taping them to light poles or, in some cases, stripping them naked and parading them through the streets.

Two – In places like Kiev, where there aren’t any Russian soldiers (yet?), everyone is paranoid as shit about “Russian saboteurs.” I’ve seen some rather grisly videos of people being stopped and shot by vigilantes on the pretext that they’re saboteurs. I even saw some kids get pushed around and shoved by an angry mob after they drew “marks” on the street that were perceived as being “secret signals” for Russian troops. Mob justice is starting to rule in many Ukrainian cities, and it’s Ukrainians doing this to themselves, not the evil Russians.  Of course, that’s nothing new in Ukraine.

Three – Apparently, no one in the “West” thinks it’s a problem that President Zelensky signed an order to let criminals out of jail to “fight the invaders.” Some of those released folks were rather nasty murderers, including one guy who had brutally butchered a civilian waiting at a bus stop a few years ago. I’m not sure how a handful of rapists and murderers is going to “win the war,” but that’s what Zelensky did. God knows if these people will ever be re-arrested once the fighting ends.

Four – Especially in Kiev, the authorities have been handing out automatic weapons willy-nilly, not even bothering to write down (on paper!) the serial numbers or the names of the people getting them. Ukraine is a bit unusual (as compared to Moldova or Romania) in that there are quite a few criminal gangs, especially in the bigger cities. Now, these criminal gangs are roaming around with free weapons, settling scores with one another.

Five – Zelensky has been begging regular citizens to pick up guns or make Molotov cocktails in order to fight the Russians. That sounds all good and fine, but what do you think Russian troops will do when they come across a “citizen” armed with a weapon? That’s a recipe for disaster. Already, I saw one moron film herself throwing a Molotov cocktail out the window at a Russian armored vehicle, setting her own arm on fire in the process. Clearly, people are going to hurt, and I’m talking about untrained civilians.

Six – Everyone knows that vast numbers of people are fleeing Ukraine. This includes foreigners, especially Africans, Indians (from India), and Chinese. There are many universities in Ukraine that have foreign students “of color,” and I fully understand why those people want to go home. Unfortunately, Ukrainians have been badly abusing many of these people. Sometimes, they throw them off the buses heading to the border, saying that the spots are reserved for Ukrainians. Other times, the border guards are shaking them down for bribes or, in a few cases, beating the shit out of them before robbing them.

Seven – Ukraine shut down the border with Pridnestrovie, but not Moldova. Lots of people here in PMR have family members in Ukraine, so thanks for that, assholes!

Eight – Ukraine also officially prohibited all men (under age 60) from leaving the country. Why? What about the pacifists, handicapped folks, and people who just aren’t interested in fighting? Why can’t they leave? And what, exactly, is some peasant in a village 500 miles from the front line supposed to do, especially as food and fuel runs out? They’re already rationing gasoline and food in some places.

Nine – Plenty of sources have reported about the enormous line of buses and cars at the border of people trying to leave, but nobody has asked why. Why are those lines so long? After all, once you get into Romania or Moldova (or Hungary, Poland, wherever), you’re instantly welcomed through, even without a passport, Covid check, or anything else. So what’s the hold-up? The answer is bribery extortion by Ukranian border guards. Last report I saw said that the going price for a Ukrainian male (of “fighting age”) to cross is $150, while any foreigner with dark skin has to pay $500. Yep, Ukraine’s final gift to its people is to rob the shit out of them.

Ten – A few mayors of cities in Eastern Ukraine have worked out deals with the Russians in order to prevent their city from being destroyed. As a result, ordinary people can go about their business, and the Russians are letting the local cops handle the law and order stuff while their soldiers and equipment move onto other locations. But Zelensky’s government has filed “treason” charges against these mayors. What, exactly, were these mayors supposed to do? Fight off the Russians by themselves? Or sacrifice people’s lives in a battle to the death? Fucking hell.

Unanswered Questions

Apparently, the number of people in the “West” with functioning brains who can still ask questions is dwindling.

Here are some questions that nobody seems to be able to answer:

1) America is dependent on Russian oil, not to mention a whole host of other things like titanium for their fighter jets. Where the fuck are those resources going to come from, if not Russia?

2) Why did Putin launch this attack on Ukraine? Other than “because he’s Hitler” or “he’s a madman” retarded shit that is everywhere on the internet. Seriously, I’ve never heard of a war being discussed where literally nobody seems to think figuring out why this is happening is worth asking (or allowed to be asked).

3) If you hate Putin, that’s your business. But if you’re cheering on him to die or get thrown out of office, who exactly do you think should be running Russia? And please don’t say that fraud Alexei Navalny.

4) Plenty of bloodporn addicts in the West are calling for a coup d’etat in Russia or something similar (such as the “complete destruction of the Russian economy”). Do you really think that’s a good idea in a country with five thousand or so nuclear weapons? And if millions of Russians become refugees, where do you think they’re going to go?

5) Why was Poland beating the shit out of migrants trying to enter their country two months ago but now welcoming in the Ukrainians? Good luck finding an answer that isn’t racist as shit.

6) Why are Ukrainians who are fleeing Russian attacks refugees, but the people fleeing American attacks in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan are all “migrants”? And why is it okay for Ukrainians to flood into Europe by the millions, but not those other folks?

7) Lots of countries are happily banning all ties with Russia and Russian products, including dumbass moves like pouring out Russian vodka (despite the fact that it’s already been paid for). Yet this move is going to utterly destroy the global economy, to say nothing of the food supply:

Russia and Ukraine are significant players in shipping and logistics, not massive, but enough to move the needle. Ukraine is the fourth largest exporter of agricultural goods, a major player in wheat, corn, barley, sunflower seeds and sunflower oil. A good chunk of Africa and the Middle East is dependent on Ukrainian grains.

Sure, if you’re American, Romanian, or Canadian (where most of my readers live), you’ve got plenty of wheat and corn to go around. But if millions of Africans and Arabs start running out of food, where do you think they’re going to go?

8) Not only is America dependent on Russian oil, the electrical grid in America is also dependent on enriched uranium from Russia. Is there really anyone who thinks Americans don’t already pay enough for the basic necessities of life after the government shitcanned the economy?

9) Since when have sanctions worked, ever? Cuba has been under American sanctions for more than sixty damn years. Jesus! The only thing sanctions do is kill and starve poor people. After all, American sanctions killed half a million children in Iraq. Totally worth it!

10) Am I the last person on the planet who remembers Joe Biden, laughing on stage as he bragged about forcing Ukraine to fire the prosecutor/attorney general in exchange for aid? I guess I am. Link goes to the Wall Street Journal, ffs, not some blogger.

11) Does anybody but me remember how Ukrainians have treated Romanians over the recent years? Oh, right. The answer is fucking no.

For entirely pragmatic, political reasons, the government of Ukraine is now an “ally” of Romania, and the participation of Ukrainian UNO-UNSO psychos in the 1992 fighting [against Moldova and for Pridnestrovie] has been forgotten. This is especially weird to me because the same Ukrainian group also beat up a bunch of local Romanian leaders in Cernauti in 1992 as well. Furthermore, they are, ideologically, far-right quasi-fascists (or sometimes openly fascist).

Those folks were called UNA-UNSO in those days and are now called Praviy Sektor, the same guys lobbing shells into Donetsk for the past eight years.

These guys went to Cernauti in 1992 (right after the end of the Soviet Union) and terrorized the Romanian community into backing down from any attempts at autonomy or independence. Read about it in Romanian here for a lot more information.

And let’s not forget that Ukraine was in the process of shutting down (🇷🇴) all Romanian-language schools in Ukraine this year.

Looking further back, it’s important to remember the Khotyn Uprising of 1919, in which Ukrainians fought an open war against Romania in territory that is now Ukraine but was part of Moldova/Romania in those days.

But hey, as long as they’re anti-Russian now, that’s all that matters, am I right?

12) Does anybody remember when France and Germany (and Poland!) negotiated a transition government after the 2014 uprising in Ukraine? And then America came along and fucked the whole thing before appointing their own rulers of Ukraine? Nah, probably not.

13) Russia most definitely invaded Ukraine. But have you ever seen such a war where the civilians have been almost entirely left alone? And no saturation bombing? Or destruction of hospitals, schools, et cetera?

For fuck’s sake, the United States and its allies dropped 9,700 bombs on Libya in just a few months, killing thousands of civilians. The same is true for Afghanistan, Iraq, and everywhere else the United States inflicts its deadly politics. Hell, America launched twenty-two missiles on the village of Bogutovac, Serbia in one day, blowing up a school and a hospital.

14) Why have you not seen a single interview with the people of Donetsk or Lugansk who was liberated by the Russians this past week? Or seen a single photo or video of people thanking them for regaining their freedom? Does their opinion not matter? Are they not Ukrainians?

15) What language exactly do you think people speak in eastern Ukraine? You know, the exact same places where all the Russian soldiers are?  And why is that?

16) Do you know what the Minsk Agreement are? Do you know what they say? Do you know that France, Germany, and the United States all signed off on them? Do you know that they were ratified at the United Nations?

17) Do you know what Angels’ Lane or the Alley of Angels is? Can you guess why DNR brings all of its Ukrainian army POWs there to visit it? I doubt your local news media has ever mentioned it once, not in eight fucking years.

18) Did you know that Russia is still supplying Ukraine with natural gas (it snowed just yesterday, so it’s still quite cold) and Belarus is still supplying electricity to Ukraine?  Did you know that Russia has not shut down or interfered with the telephone and internet networks in Ukraine?  Nah, of course not.

19) How many television stations and newspapers did Zelensky close during the past two years?  How many opposition journalists and politicians did he arrest?

20) NATO to this day continues to call itself a “defensive” alliance.  Defensive against whom?  Good luck finding any logical answer that isn’t “Russia.”  It’s literally the only reason it exists.

Final Thoughts

As I said, I know Ukrainians, and they’re good folks. 99.99% of Ukrainians just want a peaceful life and all the same things we all want.

But their government fucking sucks, and a small percentage of racist, fascist crazies, in combination with the Empire, have destroyed Ukraine. The nation is blessed with tremendous resources of every kind, and yet the average person in Ukraine lives in abject poverty. Why?

War is awful. But the war didn’t start last week. And anti-Russian racism and hysteria aren’t going to solve this conflict.

Unless you’re prepared to educate yourself, go fuck off. In fact, I heartily invite you to jab yourself with another Pfizer vaccine and eat your goddamned donuts as you continue to sacrifice children to your evil gods.  And then I’m going to stand on top of your grave until I’m sure that you’re dead.

13 thoughts on “Feeding Moloch

  1. Wow, Mr. Reames. In Cluj we always thought of you as a weirdo and a sex pest, and that is why there was rejoicing when you got deported from Romania. But I don’t think anyone could have imagined that you would descend into COVID conspiracy theories and Russian propaganda. Letter sent to the FBI and the US embassy in Chisinau with all the details I know about you.


  2. I’ve proved to you that oil imports from Russia represent 3% of oil usage in the US. That’s about the same amount of truth in your posts.
    Since you’re so smart, why don’t you answer question #2? Why did the madman invade Ukraine? Please enlighten us.
    I see you keep ignoring the civilian deaths, “civilians are left alone” – there are countless records of Russian soldiers shooting at peaceful civilians, rockets hitting civilian buildings, cars and even ambulances. The excuse for these war crimes is that the Ukrainians are positioning their armament near schools and hospitals, but I never saw the destroyed weaponry, only the civilian infrastructure.
    Honestly, I think you need help, usually calling yourself “king” when that’s not the case is a clear symptom of a deranged brain.


  3. Oh, man! You did it again..this post, too, smells of vodka..i guess it is about the time to change your nickname into Sam Rusul… otherwise, perhaps you are right with some things, but your efforts, to make us believe that Ukrainians are the devil or their leadership, are exceeding our imagination..have fun with drowning your cynicism with some Russky Standard..cheers!


    1. My God. Your stupidity knows no bounds – like so many in the so called “west”. Your culture…..whatever that is…is dead.. You are finished, and you don’t ever know. It’s tragic.


  4. Great work, comrade. For your proven deceiving abilities, you’ll receive the job opportunity of dusting the Supreme Leader at the Lenin Mausoleum in the Red Square, after they gonna stuff him soon.

    Btw, how many rubles is the khleb in your local soviet area today?


  5. How disappointing. I’ve not seen better propaganda of this nature for some time. You’re wrong, but you’re good. How is that silver feeling in your pocket?


    1. You WILL soon be forced to reckon with the difference between narrative and reality. Seems you have an acute case of cynicism to treat as well.


      1. Man, you don’t event know what you’re doing. Go to sleep, maybe you’ll wake up smarter in the morning. :))


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