Paging a Mr. Edward Gibbon to the White Courtesy Phone

My goodness, the wheels are certainly coming off of the Empire’s bus, eh?

After two years of non-stop lies, panic, demonization, and censorship over a virus, it’s become clear that the same techniques aren’t working anymore with regard to Russia, although god knows they’re trying.

Where shall we begin?


Moldova formally applied to become a (full) member of the European Union this week. This happened right after Ukraine asked to do the same.

For the record, Moldova has been an official “candidate” for EU membership since 2014, but nothing has really progressed since then due to intransigence, US-funded corruption, and other bullshit.

Moldova’s EU application prompted Pridnestrovie to ask the international community to find a “permanent resolution” to the so-called conflict, meaning that Moldova can do whatever it wants to, but PMR should be recognized as a separate country.

Hard to tell, right now, how this will shake out in the long run, but I know that internal Moldovan politics (to say nothing of Romania’s malign influence) is gonna make PMR recognition really hard to do. Far too many people in Chisinau are wedded to the idea that Tiraspol is “theirs” despite the reality on the ground.

In other news, exactly what I predicted would happen is starting to happen. Some of the “refugees” in Moldova are fucking shit up. Yesterday, Ion Ceban, the mayor of Chisinau (a man the EU worked triple overtime to stop from being elected) said this (🇲🇩):

“We can confirm that there are some people here who genuinely need help and some that are very cheeky. There are some people here [in Chisinau] who are acting in a way that is completely unacceptable. Everything that we’re doing is out of the goodness of our hearts for the people who need help. But others are making a bad name for them, and by God, they are putting the residents of Chisinau at risk.”

Another quote from the same press conference (my translation, of course):

“We estimate that in the near future we’re going to start seeing a lot of really ugly things, including incidents of theft, abuse, rape, and vandalism, so we need to be on maximum alert against this.

Sandu denied this, saying that it’s all “misinformation.” But Sandu lives alone in her little palace while it’s Ceban and the city which are actually dealing with the refugees on a day-to-day basis.

So far, however, I haven’t seen any reports of Ukrainians being arrested for anything.


Sadly, the rumors and lies about PMR continue to fly fast and furious. President Krasnoselsky, once again, had to go on TV and deny that the PMR military is on “tactical alert.” He repeated that PMR forces are operating normally, in their normal positions, and nothing has changed.

This morning, Ukraine blew up the railway bridge that connects PMR (and Moldova) to Ukraine. Moronically, they failed to actually make it collapse, but they blew up two support pillars, leaving the bridge unusuable.

This train line runs from Odessa (Ukraine) to Chisinau, and while there was a passenger service, the line was mostly was used for cargo. And while a section of the line is under PMR control, all of the rolling stock is owned and operated by Moldovan railways.

I guess some genius in Ukraine thought that perhaps the Evil Russkis were going to somehow send reinforcements or equipment to Odessa on the railway. The only problem with this is that PMR does not own any rolling stock, i.e. train cars and engines, so I’m not quite sure how that was gonna work out.

Personally, blowing up the train bridge makes me sad because I know it’ll be a long, long time before it gets repaired. I rode that train a few times. These past two years, we wanted to go to Odessa to visit the beach and other places, but we couldn’t because of “Covid.” Not gonna happen this summer either, looks like.

Oh well, so it goes.

I’ll also note that it’s actually Moldova that will be hurt most by this action as it was the main freight line for goods from Ukraine and its many ports on the Black Sea. Ukraine has already shut down the road links to PMR, so goods (including medicine!) are going to be harder to get and more expensive.


Pretty clear that the genocidal maniacs in America are losing their shit over their inability to bring Russia to heel.

Yesterday, Senator Lindsay Graham, openly called for the assassination of Russian President Vladimir Putin. I’m sure both he and the fucking CIA are losing their shit because, for once, they’re not able to overthrow governments and foment coups the way they’re used to doing.

And while it should go without saying, calling for the assassination of foreign political leaders is a crime.  One that, of course, will be unpunished in “democratic” America.

Internet sleuths have uncovered film of Lindsay Graham in Ukraine in December 2016 (along with the war criminal John McCain), surrounded by men in military uniforms, saying, “We’re going to bring the fight to Russia soon!” and other insanely aggressive things.

Note: Let me just say here that ALL of the best reporting about Ukraine has been coming from independent journalists and bloggers, who are either doing it for free or rely on donations.  Pretty sad state of affairs, to be honest.

I did have to laugh, however, at watching Jen Psaki have to formally deny any plans to install a “no fly zone” over Ukraine because that would mean having to shoot down Russian planes and thus start World War 3 (for realzies). These people really do have a death wish.

Meanwhile, “Doctor” Fauci, the psycho clown who is probably responsible for killing more Americans than any other human being on the planet, is starting to lose his marbles because nobody wants to see his demon face on TV anymore.

Forget about Covid and the deadly “vaccines” – since Fauci came to power in 1984, allergenic and auto-immune diseases have skyrocketed in the United Dates despite this being his so-called “job” to prevent. If you haven’t already read RFJ Jr’s book on Fauci, I highly recommend it.

At minimum, once the Democrats get shellacked in the upcoming mid-term elections in America, he’s going to lose his job. In a fairer world, he would be tried for war crimes and hung by the neck until dead.

If you think that’s some kind of hyperbole or exaggeration, it’s not. The man is responsible for murdering babies and torturing animals.


Literally, just weeks after PM Trudeau declared martial law and sent in armed thugs to break up a peaceful protest in Ottawa, the government is now officially endorsing pro-Ukraine (and anti-Russian) protests. What a laugh.

The Empire, however, did its part by bravely arresting a few ordinary Russians (i.e. not “oligarchs”) in the remote area of Yellowknife. They were planning on doing an overland expedition in the far north, which is now apparently a crime.

Worth mentioning here that Canada’s deputy prime minister and foreign minister Chrystia Freeland is of Ukrainian heritage. And not the “good Ukrainian” heritage either. Her grandfather was a straight up Nazi. I highly recommend you read this article from 2020 for a lot more on what a fucking sicko she is.


The thought police are so fucking blatant these days that even the Guardian(!) has started to notice.

One local man of Russian heritage went on an Australian talk show, and as soon as he dared to mention that 15,000 Ukrainians were killed by their “own” side over the past eight years, he was thrown out of the studio.


Not much to say other than that the xenophobia and hatred towards all things Russian continue unabated while NATO troops continue to pour into Romania. These troops and armaments are stacking up on Romania’s border with Ukraine. I’m sure plenty of the soldiers are chomping at the bit to “fight the Russians” but that’s an absurd fantasy, at best.

At worst, some incompetent moron is going to do something stupid and get Romania involved in the war.

That being said, former Ukrainian PM Nikolai Azarov posted something rather startling on his Facebook page in English yesterday:

As of December 2021 Russia has received data on NATO plans to place 4 military brigades in Ukraine (2 land, 1 marine, 1 air). And an air brigade with the possibility of carrying nuclear warheads.

…The second group is a thousand soldiers of the Striker Brigade (Armor Technique) in Romania. This group blocked Transdnestria so that the peacekeepers living there through the South could not advance to Odessa.

Azarov is considered to be a “pro-Russian” politician in Ukraine, so it’s hard to say just how authentic this is, especially since he’s been out of office for quite a while. But he is right about the Stryker Brigade positioned in Romania.  Read the whole thing for more about what he said America’s plans were to start a war against Russia.

I’m also not quite sure how feasible it would be/have been for Romanian troops to operate on what Moldova considers its territory. Nonetheless, I had to report what he said.

Also, I forgot to mention what a low regard President Zelensky has for Romania, from my own blog post from 2020.


As I’ve reported, the “heroic Ukrainians” continue to treat all brown-skinned people on their territory like shit, which was just confirmed by the United Nations.

On top of that, while Africans have continued to suffer, there hasn’t been much coordinated outcry from Empire media because hey, we all know that only “blond, blue-eyed” Ukrainians matter.

But India hasn’t taken the mistreatment of their citizens lying down. I’ve seen several reports in Indian media about it, and there’s even a report that the Ukrainians shelled a hostel in Sumy where several Indian citizens were sheltering.

In other news, the Ukrainian government continues to lie through its teeth. Ukraine is home to the largest nuclear reactor in Europe, in Zaprozhia (various spellings due to the way it’s written in Cyrillic). Ukraine lied and said that Russia “attacked” the nuclear plant in order to cause a disaster.

Reality? I saw the footage myself – at 2:30am, some saboteurs in an adjacent building opened fire on a Russian patrol in front of the power plant. When the Russians returned fire, the Ukrainians set off a bomb in the building. The Russians then let in the (local) fire department, and everything was (thankfully) under control in short order. The IAEA later confirmed that there was no leak or increase in radiation in the area.

Yesterday, President Zelensky gave a press conference, and it clearly looked like he was either drunk and/or high. Charitably, maybe you could blame it on sleep exhaustion, but he truly looked unfocused, rambling on much like his mentor, Joe Biden.

Empire media exclusively showed him from one angle. But here’s a photo of him from another angle:

Reminds me of all the times that I was in Ukraine, and they consistently went out of their way to point guns at innocent people. I always hated that, as I’ve written about before.

In other news, I’ve now seen several reports from refugees from Mariupol saying that Ukraine is deliberately firing on residential areas in order to create a crisis to blame on Russia. Furthermore, I’ve seen several videos and photos of heavy armaments placed next to residential apartment buildings and schools.

In the old days, we used to call that “using human shields,” and it was wrong. But hey, as long as it’s the brave and plucky Ukrainians doing it, it’s okay!

Lastly, in what is perhaps the most hilarious and tragic aspect of this stupid and needless war, Ukraine is forcing all of its transgender men to stay in the country, refusing to recognize their gender change despite supposedly being so “progressive” about LGBTQ matters.

Oh yeah, one more thing. Russia has said that any foreign fighters in Ukraine will be treated much differently than Ukrainian POWs. Whereas Ukrainians are allowed to go home if they disarm, foreign mercenaries will be tried and either executed or sentenced to hard labor.

Remember that Ukraine is openly calling for every fascist dingbat and homicidal maniac in the world to join their “foreign legion.”

I’ll conclude by saying that everyone should watch this video in English posted by a Russian man on the first day of the war. It goes a long way to explaining why Russia is doing what it is doing.

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