Psssst…! Covid is OVER

Sad to say that no one is going to tell you this for another few weeks or months (or in New Zealand’s case, a year or more), but Covid is over.

It is.

Just like the Spanish Flu before it, Covid has burned out after two years. All on its own. Because the lockdowns and masks did nothing. The virus virused until it didn’t need to virus anymore.

The last few remaining cases of Covid are getting weaker and weaker, and soon, it’ll be completely toothless.

And every single one of the same stupid governments that planted their jackboots on people’s faces will take credit for “defeating” the virus with their fascist, authoritative measures.

Which did nothing good and only caused enormous harm.

Because viruses do not cause disease. They are system updates that sometimes cause allergic reactions in (already) unhealthy people.

And, eventually, the system update will attenuate its approach so that even the weakest (surviving) people can also safely upgrade, and then EVERYONE will be upgraded. At which point, the upgrade disappears.

That is exactly what has happened. It’s what always happens.

But no one will tell you that.

No one wants to tell you that.

Self-Imposed Mistery

I truly do feel sorry for the people currently suffering under fascist rule in Australia, Austria, Ireland, Fiji, Canada, Argentina, Germany, Greece, New Zealand, and the Netherlands.

Despite all of the charts going in the right direction (i.e. Covid burning out and no longer becoming a threat), the shaky coalitions in charge in every single one of those countries are now actively suppressing the good news in order to hang onto power.

And the poor WHO chief was shaking in his boots the other day when he babbled on about math for the first time, trying to convince people he’s not a useful idiot.


The numbers are down and anyone who bothers to take a look knows it. Go check them out for yourself at the super duper triple official WHO website.

Unfortunately, there are also still millions of people brainwashed by the cult of “The Vaccines Are The Only Solution,” so it’s gonna be a while before they finally adjust to the reality of Covid’s exit stage left, even for the “heretics” who never got injected.

And the media will definitely drag its feet on telling you that, at long last, the menace of Covid is fading away. Which is a pretty weird thing to acknowledge, if you think about it.

Yeah, they love amping up the fear and keeping viewers indoors, so don’t look to the media tell you the good news about Covid anytime soon.

But in a sane world, we’d ALL be ringing in the New Year’s with a buoyant sense of optimism and hope.

Covid is over, baby! 🎉

5 thoughts on “Psssst…! Covid is OVER

  1. So, a few years back I was following this blog. I remembered that today and wanted to check what’s new. Still back then it was a bit nutty here and there, but the guy writing it still appeared to have “toate tiglele pe casa”. Not anymore.


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