Romania’s Children the Happiest in the World

Shame on me, of course, for linking to The Daily Mail, but I do find it interesting that Romanian children ranked highest (out of 16 countries worldwide) as the “happiest”. Far more significant (to me) is that Romanian children also ranked highest in terms of satisfaction in the way they look. One of the saddest epidemics to strike both the UK and the USA is … Continue reading Romania’s Children the Happiest in the World

Yupi! I’m Getting Married!!!!

Guess what? I’m getting married! Yaaaaaaaah!! If you live in Romania, open your window because you can probably hear me screaming with happiness all the way from here :PPP Honestly, I never thought it would ever happen. I’ve had some wonderful adventures, and shared my life with many wonderful people, and fell in love many times, and had my heart broken a few times, and … Continue reading Yupi! I’m Getting Married!!!!