A Lovely Day in Tiraspol

Last weekend, my wife and I decided to go visit Transnistria. Although I’ve been living in Moldova for a few years now, I just never found the time to go. While we had no idea what to expect, we were really pleased by our visit to this country. After our first bus suffered some kind of electrical problem, the ride to Transnistria was smooth and … Continue reading A Lovely Day in Tiraspol

International Women’s Day

As I’ve written about many times before, yesterday was March 8, otherwise known as International Women’s Day. Instead of my thoughts on the matter, today I’m linking to this wonderful post written by a woman who is working here in Moldova. She does an excellent job of describing what the holiday is like around here. To her awesome description, I’ll just add a few thoughts: … Continue reading International Women’s Day

Saint Patrick’s Day

Ah yes, I wish each and all of you a Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, even though I personally don’t really “celebrate” it and it’s barely any kind of holiday in Romania whatsoever. Here in this country it’s mostly just a vague excuse for a few bars to hold a theme party. Nonetheless, just like Halloween and Valentine’s Day, March 17 is stealthily infiltrating Romania’s consciousness. … Continue reading Saint Patrick’s Day