Beyond Belief

Here in Tiraspol, we’re all so very, very grateful for UK Ambassador to Moldova Neil Bush‘s looking out for us, his wayward flock:

The United Kingdom is concerned by the continued use of the so-called ‘Strategy for Combatting Extremism’ by the de facto authorities of the Transnistrian region of Moldova as a means of silencing political opposition and freedom of speech.

The manner in which this Strategy defines extremism does not meet internationally accepted standards.

With regard to the broad use of the Strategy, we are concerned by the case of Ghennadi Ciorba, who was sentenced – following a closed trial – to three years and three months in prison on 19 July 2021 on extremism charges and for insulting Transnistrian leader Krasnoselsky.


In terms of “international standards,” is Ambassador Bush referring to the case of the journalist arrested in Scotland for the “crime” of reporting on a public trial?

Or the man arrested in Scotland for criticizing government propaganda?

Or perhaps it’s the journalist locked up with terrorists in Britain’s highest security prison?

Ambassador Bush could also be referring to the new “policing bills” that makes it almost completely illegal to protest anywhere in Britain.

Or perhaps it’s the manner in which Britain laundered more than a billion dollars stolen from the people of Moldova.

With so many wonderful examples to choose from, I cannot be sure.

Expression of opinions and views, including on issues that could be considered controversial, sensitive or offensive must be respected and protected as part of open and democratic societal debate.

The United Kingdom continues to track closely cases of human rights abuses in Transnistria, which undermine the safety of citizens on both banks of Nistru and the 5+2 settlement process itself.

We call on the de facto authorities in Transnistria to reconsider their approach to these issues in line with international rules and norms.

My entire job is being an empty bobble head who repeats back what is told to say

Good lord, why the hell does anyone listen to these people anymore?

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