In the days of the Soviet Union, one of the most widely distributed newspapers was named Pravda, which means “The Truth” in Russian.

Despite the name of the newspaper, in the years leading up to the dissolution of the Soviet Union, almost nobody believed that Pravda was telling the truth.

In other words, the government’s “truth” was all lies.

Which is what always happens when the government has absolute powers to censor speech.

Speaking of which, I got censored myself the other day over at Medium dot com simply for posting a comment in which I expressed my opinion.

Somehow, this managed to run afoul of the ever-elusive “Community Standards.”

The original poster was asking someone to explain the fallacies of the official narrative but without using numbers, statistics, or long descriptions of scientific findings as their brain “doesn’t understand logic.”

My now-censored comment was in response to that appeal.

Alas, I did not think to capture a screenshot, so what follows is only an approximate copy of my thoughts that were so “offensive to the community.”

Health Is Sickness

In the old days, most people were healthy, and only a few people were sick.

The people who were sick were in pain or were suffering in some kind of obvious way.

Health care, in the form of doctors and medicine, was dedicated to helping heal the sick, which meant returning them to “healthy” status. 

Last year during the Great Panic, however, the ancient understanding of “healthy” and “sick” was changed.

Starting in 2020, there were no longer any healthy people. Instead, everyone on Planet Earth was either sick or in danger of becoming sick, even if they felt perfectly healthy.

And since everyone was now sick, everyone was now under “a doctor’s care.”

And the doctors were the ones who were “prescribing” all the quarantining, social distancing, etc. for their patients, which is all of us.

For a variety of reasons, some people denied that they were sick (or at risk of getting sick), but that kind of talk was quickly censored, and the new definition held fast.

Others believed that taking a medicine or vaccine would finally get them off the “sick list” and back into the “healthy” category, but that, too, was to no avail.

Officially, according to the people who decide what gets censored, everyone is still sick (or at risk of getting sick) today, no matter whether you think you’re healthy, you’ve recovered from an illness, have natural immunity, have access to treatment(s), or have injected immunity.

We’re all still sick, and we’re all still slated to be under a doctor’s supervision forever and ever.

So yeah, without using any numbers or statistics, that’s pretty much what happened.


Please do not think I am just referring to Covid-19 here. 

All diseases can now be carried “asymptomatically,” i.e. by a person who thinks they’re healthy but doesn’t know they’re actually sick.

Here’s just a sampling:


You could have all of the above diseases at the same time and Covid-19 and not even know it!

That’s why you need to live the rest of your life as though you are infected, even if you feel fine.

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