The Troll Threatens to Go Nationwide

I’ve got plenty of meatier subjects on deck for this week, but I thought I’d start off on Monday with a good laugh. The Unsleeping Eye picked up a couple of reports that The Troll wants to take his unique brand of hate journalism to a national level. From here (my translation): Liviu Alexa, age 38, owner of a media group in Cluj… has announced … Continue reading The Troll Threatens to Go Nationwide

La Multi Ani!

Well today is December 1, Romania’s National Day and one of the country’s biggest holidays. I currently am exiled from Romania and so it was a little bittersweet to watch everything on TV, seeing Traian Basescu stolidly enduring the snow one last final time before he steps off the political stage and leaves Romania’s future in the hands of younger men (and a few women). … Continue reading La Multi Ani!

Black and Blue

Well it seems that every few months I’ve got to post a new article on Gypsies so here we go with another bit of clarification. Certainly you can find all of my previous posts on the subject by clicking here or reading all of my posts under the relevant category (articles on the main page are grouped by category). Since I’ve met so many foreigners … Continue reading Black and Blue