Racist moron Razvan Voncu

Beggar Thy Neighbor

Apologies for my lengthy absence, folks. It’s been hard fighting in front of keyboard burnout. But I was forced to rise from my blogging slumbers after reading what has to be the most racist anti-Moldovan article I’ve ever read in the Romanian press. Link is Romanian only, so you’ll just have to trust my summary translation if your Romanian language skills are a bit rusty. … Continue reading Beggar Thy Neighbor

Moldovans Take to the Streets

The huge protests continue for a third day, loud enough I could hear them two kilometers away at my house. From here: Two of the Chisinau protests on January 16 were organized by pro-Russian parties, while the third was held by the Dignity and Truth (DA) anticorruption civic group. The protests came after President Nicolae Timofti on January 15 nominated Technology Minister Pavel Filip as … Continue reading Moldovans Take to the Streets

The Rats Go Running in Moldova

As the deadline of January 29 gets ever closer, none of the politicians know what the fuck to do. This article, written just yesterday, is already out of date, but has valuable information about what’s at stake: The Eastern Partnership is suffering a two-front assault. On the one hand, the Netherlands are going to the polls in a referendum that will approve or disapprove of … Continue reading The Rats Go Running in Moldova

Moldovan Politics Splinters Yet Again

Even the oligarchs running the country can’t decide which faction to support: “The decline in the financial and banking sector has grown into a political and social crisis, which is threatening the country with catastrophic consequences,” the parliamentarians noted. They believe that in this situation the interests of the country and not those of the political parties should be a priority. The rest here. Continue reading Moldovan Politics Splinters Yet Again