Dark Comedy Continues in Moldova

I never expected Deutsche Welle (German state media) and their Romanian-language edition to provide such insightful analysis on the situation in Moldova but they’ve continued to surprise me in recent days.

My translation:

The impression is that Moldova’s foreign friends have, over the past three years, agreed to “sacrifice” democracy for a while in favor of a toxic stability founded on a coalition of greedy, corrupt men, all in order to fend off the threat of “Russian tanks”. And by “Russian tanks”, it is meant the pro-Russian political forces in the country coming to power.

Damn. Read the whole thing as it’s by far the best piece of journalism in the Romanian language I’ve read so far. There’s an amazing paragraph in which he goes to Brussels to meet with EU bigwigs and they tell him a bunch of stuff “off de record”. Amazing.

Meanwhile, Igor Dodon, the “commander” of those Russian “tanks”, is making his move.

My translation:

After approximately two hours of protests, during which hundreds of police were mobilized to the area [the Parliament], Socialist Party leader Igor Dodon spoke to protesters and urged them to go home. But he did not rule out plans for even more radical action in the near future, including blocking the streets in order to trigger parliamentary elections.

Kazing! Can’t wait to see just what it’ll take before people get a government that they actually want.

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