Hey Pharaoh, Let My People Go!

I was actually all set to blast you with links and long blocs of translated quotes, but I see that the spritely Bucharest Life has already gone and done the heavy lifting.

If you want to know more details, read their article. I just wanted to chime in here and say that one of the weirdest things (that I’ve never mentioned before) about the December 2016 parliamentary elections was the huge (“yuuge” if you’re Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders) amount of televisions ads that were paid for by the PRU party.

Who are they? Well, their name means “United Romania Party” and they’re essentially the rebranded PRM (Greater Romania Party) with all the xenophobic nonsense of Cornel “Crazy Glasses” Vadim Tudor, may he rest in peace. True fact: I wrote the very first article ever published on this blog about the guy, and we all owe him a debt of gratitude.

PRU is one of those parties that don’t exist in places like America or Britain. Technically, yes, they’re officially a political party but 99% of Romanians couldn’t name a single one of their members. That’s because they’re mostly a front for one (or more) of those egregiously dumb and greedy Romanian “businessmen” who do a lot of strange things, including partying overseas with high-ranking SRI (“CIA”) officers.

But I digress. PRU ran a ton of ads for what was a very poor showing in the polls. I’m mentioning them here today because the main “platform” of this party was “Hey, what Romania needs most is to pardon a bunch of criminals.” Yeah, you read that right.

So here comes the “amazing” new government under Sorin “Ragdoll” Grindeanu and what is the first thing they do? Exactly this:

  • Grindeanu (officially the prime minister) and Liviu “Iliescu Junior” Dragnea (the real prime minister) fly to Washington to attend Trump’s inauguration.
  • This then makes Sevil “Muslim Devil” Shhaideh the prime minister while those two are out of the country. Just three weeks prior, all the westerners living in the country joined forces for the very first time with the dumbest, most bigoted Romanians in reacting with horror at the thought of Sevil as PM because a) she’s a yucky woman b) omg she’s a Moozlim and c) her husband is a fan of the government of Syria.
  • Sevil slides her ample bottom onto the throne and two seconds later the parliament starts cooking up one of their famous emergency government ordinances to pardon all kinds of convicted criminals.
  • Klaus “Honey, Let’s Forge Some Documents and Steal Someone’s House” Iohannis then mysteriously started looking like a Real Boy and threw a few presidential switches to stop the “emergency” ordinance in its tracks.
  • All 5,092 journalists in Romania immediately began furiously discussing it.

So, yeah, that’s about where we’re at in this crazy world.

Essentially, Kovesi (who’s having her own little scandal that I’ll write about soon) and the European Union are incredibly happy that the DNA is churning out huge volumes of anti-corruption convictions. This has rattled the mafia bosses, and so now they’re nakedly trying to ram through changes in the law to make anti-corruption convictions toothless. I’ve been documenting it since June 2016 so this latest maneuver is probably not going to be the last time they’ll try it.

But, ironically, Romania’s prisons are horrifically overcrowded and terribly mismanaged, often to the point where courts (not in Romania, obviously) are calling it torture. So yeah, the easiest and cheapest way to deal with these problems would be to commute the sentences of non-violent offenders. But corruption charges are also non-violent, so it’s now a hot button political issue.


3 thoughts on “Hey Pharaoh, Let My People Go!

  1. I wonder, are writers born or “developed?”

    Well, in your case … neither. Oh, yes, you are close, yet … no cigar in sight (as of yet). Don’t worry though, you may still get the hang of it … sooner or later. For now though, I’ll burst your bubble: you could be a little better, as for (specifically) writing English, I’d suspect that it ain’t quite your mother’s tongue!…

    Alin Sebastian


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