10 Years of Fail

Well, the new Romanian government has been in power for just a week and has already made me laugh. This morning, I saw Justice Minister Florin Iordache confidently declare that 2017 was going to be Romania’s year – finally! – to graduate from the MCV program and become an adult member of the European Union.

And yet, just a few hours later, the EU official in charge of publishing this year’s MCV report on Romania, Paraskevi Michou, said, “No flipping way is Romania going to get out from under the MCV this year.”

I’d translate her statement (the only version I can find is in Romanian) but it’s really not worth it. It just says “Romania has made some progress but there’s much more needed,” in a nice and polite way.

In case you’ve forgotten what the MCV is all about, or how Romania is doing, you can read my article about the last MCV report published in January 2016. Scanning through it, it’s abundantly obvious that Romanian politicians have absolutely no idea what “fair and transparent” governance means. And considering that the same corrupt group of thugs (PSD and friends) just took power once again, I highly doubt that there’ll be any progress in 2017.

The new MCV report will be published soon, but I imagine it’ll be pretty similar to last year’s assessment: everything BUT the DNA is “progressing” at a snail’s pace despite hundreds of millions of euros in assistance from the EU.

As for me personally, I’m happy that finally, at long last, some foreign journalists are beginning to become aware of what I documented in lengthy detail, namely that the DNA is even more incompetent, tyrannical, and stupid than the rest of the Romanian judicial system.

Sigh… I guess 10 years in the EU, plus a few years of prep time, are still not enough for Romania to get its shit together. Do you think 20 years might be enough?

Who knows. But stay tuned as I’ll write an article soon on the extremely absurd soap opera that is Sebastian Ghita’s vlog (video “blog”). I haven’t seen any of the regular English-language Romanian bloggers (or mainstream media journalists) cover it yet, but it is a DOOZY.

7 thoughts on “10 Years of Fail

  1. David Clark’s article and the “report” for HJS are a joke. Too bad you fell for it! You’d better ask yourself how much money David Clark was paid by Dan Adamescu, Pontaghita, PSD+ALDE etc. for this junk. Not to mention Theresa May who might have chipped in too for the critics brought to EAW…


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