A (Light) Slap in the Face

You know, sometimes it gets tiresome being right so often. First of all, it’s exhausting to constantly have to deal with ankle biters every time you speak up and say something the slightest bit controversial, akin to what (I imagine) a bear must feel when attacked by a pack of rabid dachsunds. Secondly, the more often you’re right, the greater the chance that you’ll develop a blind spot and miss something important, which worries me far more than most people would ever guess.

Epistemological concerns aside, there’s now tangible proof that the Bodnariu family were not just being hounded by fanatic atheists in the Norwegian child protective services agency that decided to be whimsically cruel to the Bodnariu family by taking away their five children for a short time.

My translation:

The investigation by the Norwegian state prosecutor, independent of the investigation performed by the child protection agency (Barneveret), has concluded that Marius and Ruth Bodnariu could be charged for using violence against their five children.

Be still or know that I will (lightly) slap you!
Be still or know that I will (lightly) slap you!

And here’s the kicker:

Many accusations have been made against my client for using violence in raising her children,” said the mother’s lawyer, Ingrid Breistein. Breistein also stated that Ruth Bodnariu has partially admitted her guilt. “My client admitted to the police during her first interview that she gave her children light slaps with the palm of her hand.

The law in Norway is abundantly clear: you simply cannot use physical discipline when raising your kids – no exceptions. You can disagree about the merit of that law, but the law is black and white in Norway. And now the mother’s own lawyer has revealed that the mother admitted to a minimum of slapping her kids. And I’m quite sure that it was a bit more than that.

Instead of apologizing to their supporters who made the Norwegian government look like child-stealing devils or deciding to be responsible for their actions and face trial in Norway, here’s what the kid-slapping, Bible-thumping Bodnariu family decided to do.

My translation:

Marius and Ruth Bodnariu, the family in Norway that had their children [briefly] taken away from them by Barnevernet [the child protection agency] have decided to move to Romania. This announcement came after the Norwegian police decided that they were going to pursue criminal charges against the two parents.

Good choice, Bodnariu family! Because in Romania you can beat your kids to a pulp and never face any criminal charges. Plus the winters in Romania are just about as cold and miserable as in Norway.

3 thoughts on “A (Light) Slap in the Face

  1. you are citing NORVEGIAL AUTHORITIES ?

    Why the hell should they EVER ADMIT they’re wrong?
    Are you an absurd person…? Why don’t cite hundreds of people that oppose their insane system? Even some of their most prestigious physiologists called it “an absurd system that does not care for human development”!

    They FABRICATED A STORY… they sure in hell will stick by it!

    You sir are either a tool or a very stupid person…!
    How come you cite those that abuse them?

    “hey look… those people are indeed criminals!”

    The same police release them because THEY LACK EVIDENCE


    got it…
    let me say it again…
    Those that now say they are guilty again… are THE SAME PEOPLE that say that they FOUND NO EVIDENCE… 5 months ago… and THE SAME PEOPLE THAT SAY they are guilty 15 months ago!

    Are you insane?
    Do you not understand that in their eyes this case can bring their entire crap down?
    Of course they will say they never ever make mistakes!

    And you sir…
    you are not normal…
    you should never talk about kids… until you have some of yours…
    talk then… stop talking now

    you have no experience with your own kids… like many of the internet western idiots that not only have no kids, but never plan to have…

    stop policing others you know nothing about!
    just mind your own crap… be good at something and stick with it…
    when you will be a parent then you will be able to do what you so easily preach…
    until then you’re just a friking poser that takes the side of an abusive system that took the children away from an migrant family and donate them to childless people like yourself!

    make your own kids
    talk after!

    fell some shame….


  2. Interestingly enough, I have some very religious Romanian friends who know little of this case other than that evil Norwegian government tried to take away a good Christian family’s kids.


  3. True, the Romanians may beat the crap out of their children (I believe and hope this matter is mostly a thing of the past) but somehow our “evil” society never produced mass murdering sociopaths like Anders Behring Breivik, who acknowledged having a happy childhood, no slaps, no kicks, no nothing… just loving tender care in that marvelous Norvegian society. So he killed 80+ people, most of them young adults just for the fun of it; I take it as a true sign that a peaceful and non-violent “7 ani de acasa” makes the proper citizen.
    Serves them right that he sued the prison system for not having enough lounge space, only 2 TVs, video games and 3 rooms to live in, but nobody to talk to…. AND WON!

    So Sam, why the fuck don’t you go and live there and give us a break on the evils of Romanian’s society?


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