Make No Mistake

From here:

George Cristian Maior, who until 2015 was the head of his country’s intelligence service, presented his credentials as Romania’s ambassador to the United States on Sept. 17, 2015.

And this:

Maior ran for office in 2004, winning a seat in the Romanian Senate as a member of the Social Democratic Party. He gave up his seat in 2006 to head the Romanian Intelligence Service. In 2015, Maior, in his capacity as intelligence chief, supported proposals to retain data and personal information on Romanian citizens. He resigned after the country’s high court rejected those proposals. Shortly thereafter, Maior was given the job in Washington.

From here:

Romanian ambassador to the United States George Cristian Maior says a disparaging mention of Romania by U.S. Senator John McCain was probably made by mistake. Senator John McCain has probably mentioned Romania by error, in an unhappy phrase that contradicts the essence of an official statement supported by Senator John McCain and unanimously adopted by the Senate of the United States of America, in which our country is appreciated precisely for its major contribution to the observance of democratic principles in the region.

Yep. Probably a mistake.

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