Wine Days in Moldova

Wine Daze

Recently, a person whom I’ve known for many years asked me about why I haven’t included more entries in the “My Personal Life” category. What can I say? Sometimes, I honestly forget that anything I do might be of interest to anyone else. But since you asked, you shall receive! The Republic of Moldova is officially The Poorest Country in Europe™, but there is one … Continue reading Wine Daze

21 – 22 Mai 2016: Cluj Days

Originally posted on home is where my backpack is:
Romanian words of the day: Sâmbătă (sim-buh-tuh) – Saturday Duminică (doo-mi-ni-cuh) – Sunday I had anticipated Cluj to be Roman in the most direct sense of the word… but it’s not. I frequently find myself anticipating the heady, honeycomb intimacy of the Eternal City to coalesce around me, and when it does not, I find in… Continue reading 21 – 22 Mai 2016: Cluj Days

The warm smell of paprika rising up through the air

Well here in Unicorn City we’re in the middle of the yearly Hungarian Days festival which is perfect timing as always because there are exactly three Romanians left in the city. It’s a week long festival that culminates perfectly with Saint Stephen’s Day, the greatest hero in Hungarian history. I can’t say that I ever participate much in the Hungarian days festival, mostly because I … Continue reading The warm smell of paprika rising up through the air