I Can Now Predict the Future (in Moldova)

Over the weekend, I picked up this tiny little story (in Romanian) about an interview with Andrian Candu, the speaker of the Moldovan Parliament, that was printed in Latvijas Avize (in Latvian). I assume that the original interview was in Russian, but since it was printed in Latvian, I had to rely on the internet to translate it for me. At first, the interview seemed … Continue reading I Can Now Predict the Future (in Moldova)


Oh my, this story really made me laugh. Original link in Romanian is here, but the gist of it is that long-time Romanian president Traian Basescu has had his (Republic of) Moldovan citizenship stripped by the new (Moldovan) President Igor Dodon. This truly is hilarious on several levels. After spending literally his entire life in Romania (and president of the country for 10 years), Basescu … Continue reading Stripper

Tongue Bath

If you ask someone from Cluj-Napoca what language they speak here in dear, quaint Moldova, you’d get a unanimous answer: Romanian. Indeed, if you remember my post Akum noi toti govarim pa romaneste, you know that Romanian is the official language of the Moldovan constitution and so you probably consider the case closed. As an early Christmas gift to all those dirty non-believers (in Orthodox … Continue reading Tongue Bath