The CVM was (laughably, now, looking back at it) supposed to be a temporary measure in order to get Romania up to speed in terms of tackling corruption and implementing a fair and equitable justice system.

Corporate Whores

It is completely inappropriate that in a time of major obesity problems and additional disease burdens such as type 2 diabetes, the Presidency of the Council of the EU is sponsored by Coca-Cola.

Rogozin vs. Romania

After engaging in what was probably too much research about last Friday’s weird aviation incident, I’ve come to the conclusion that just about everybody involved has either lied or been sorely mistaken about key facts, including Yours Truly. Therefore, once and for all, I want to paint a true record of what actually happened. The…

What You Can Do When You’ve Overstayed Your Visa in Romania

As you know, I’ve been answering a lot of general interest questions on Quora lately, but I also get some questions that simply can’t be answered in that forum. If you’ve come to Romania and overstayed your visa, I’m going to tell you everything I know, but you must understand two very important things. One,…