Romanian Parliament Engages in Epic Stupidity

When I first read this, I honestly thought it was a gag (comedy) article:

Romania will also celebrate Men’s Day starting this year. The Chamber of Deputies voted on Wednesday a bill which declares March 8 as the official Women’s Day, and November 19 as the Men’s Day in Romania. The law was adopted with 204 votes for and 16 votes against.

Many years ago, one of the beer companies created a humorous [and occasionally misogynist] ad campaign to advocate for Men’s Day. That’s fine, as it was just a silly campaign designed to sell more beer. But making it an official holiday? That borders on the cretinous.

I guess 204 deputies in the Romanian parliament have never heard of “checking their privilege”. International Women’s Day isn’t celebrated in the United States but it has a long and storied tradition, originating in the enfranchisement of women in the workforce by the very progressive (for those times) Socialist and Communist movements in Europe.

March 8 is now honored by the United Nations, using the occasion to highlight the continuing inequalities and challenges that women face. And Romania ranks dead last in the European Union in terms of gender equality.

And here’s the cherry on top:

The report of the equality between sexes commission within the Chamber of Deputies states that the legislative proposal [to make an official Men’s Day holiday] “wanted to eliminate the discrimination between men and women.”


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